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New Senate laws to stop minor parties are a joke, says 21st Century Australia Party Founder

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By: Staff Reporter

The recently proposed Senate laws are a joke, says Jamie McIntyre- the leader and founder of 21st Century Australia Party.

“They are not designed just to stop the system from being gamed but to entrench the two major parties and the Greens and prevent any chance of minor parties challenging the status quo”, said McIntyre.

McIntyre’s party was denied from running in the last federal election due to what many claim was deliberate delaying tactics by the AEC. He was forced to run at the last minute as an Independent against Barnaby Joyce for the seat of New England.

McIntyre goes on to state:

“If the new senate laws were solely about stopping the system from being gamed, all they would need is a minimum cap where preferences would need to secure at least 1.5 or 2% of the vote to be counted as a candidate, as opposed to the situation where Ricky Muir was elected on only .3% of the vote.

“However, it’s being changed to stop micro parties from preferencing each other in deals to get minor parties elected, which will remove much needed political competition. Voters are clearly over the outdated political system designed for the 19th Century.

“You only have to look at America and see why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are so popular, despite the establishment hating it. It’s simply because voters are fed up with non-authentic fake politicians and want real people with real life experience who will say it how it is. Voters prefer them to the likes of Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush who can’t say anything with passion, as their speeches are highly scripted and highly incongruent.

“Voters simply don’t believe what such politicians say and for good reason, despite all the money at their disposal for buying votes. Jeb Bush spent $180 million, yet only managed to secure 8-9% of the votes in many states.

“Hillary Clinton’s rallies draw less than 20% audience than Bernie Sanders’ or Donald Trump’s rallies.

“Even when I was launching my political party in 2013 (that was denied from running), I was addressing audiences of thousands whereas the Prime Minister at the time, Julia Gillard was only drawing audiences of a few hundred. It simply shows that voters are hungry for real people in politics and real common sense policies.

“But unless you have $20 million to throw at a media blitz like Clive Palmer, it’s hard to reach a critical mass as the gatekeepers, i.e. mainstream media, largely control who you get access to or hear about.


“If Fairfax or NewsCorp don’t want you to be elected, they will either ignore you or worse, character assassinate you to prevent the wider public from hearing your message.

“I have been the subject of almost 100 negative attack articles by Fairfax Media since announcing my political party. My business interests have been unfairly targeted by the likes of dodgy union slush fund Labor Senator Sam Dastaryi, who allegedly was asked to target me in order to stop my party from becoming a political threat.

“The attacks have cost me over $20 million in losses, which has curbed my ability to fund a political movement in Australia to help change the corrupted political machine. This is clearly the outcome they were hoping for from the very beginning.

“However, this won’t stop the party, as it’s bigger than me and it simply highlights how desperate certain vested interests are to stop the political revolution our country and the world needs. As seen in America, mainstream media is losing its power to control people’s voting choices.

“They hate Trump, yet Trump is bigger than the media so they can’t stop him, no matter how hard they try. They hate Bernie Sanders, but thanks to social media, both these candidates can by pass the mainstream media and reach out to the voters.

“That’s why within the next 10 years minor parties could rise to challenge the major two parties in Australia. However, the sneaky changes now being made to the Senate voting laws has made the chance of a political revolution so much harder or almost impossible”, says McIntyre.

Voters have also lashed out regarding the change in Senate Laws. The Age recently published the following comments from disgruntled voters:

Adam Gartrell’s witty portrayal of the crossbench as characters from a Quentin Tarantino film highlights the main dilemma in reforming the method used to elect the Senate (“Hateful Eight on a mission to kill the bill”, Opinion, 6/3). Which is preferable: electing a group of unknowns from micro-parties, or electing a group of anonymous “lazy lackeys” from the major parties? While the efforts of the crossbenchers haven’t pleased everyone, at least we have the impression they are contributing to public debate and earning their right to suck on the “public teat”. It seems the political class has yet again found a way to prevent “ordinary people” taking a parliamentary place from those deemed entitled to it.

Rod Wise, Glen Iris

Mr Turnbull thinks having senators elected on a tiny percentage of votes is a disgrace. Is he referring to the Nationals’ John Williams on 0.02 per cent, Liberal Arthur Sinodinos on 0.03 per cent or the votes of any of the 13 major party candidates elected from smaller percentages than was Ricky Muir? Of course not. The Senate voting “reforms” are designed to eliminate from the Senate the representatives of 24 per cent of the Australian people so that the Greens, with only 9 per cent, can control the balance of power.

Chris Curtis, Hurstbridge

Jamie McIntyre is the founder of 21st Century Australia Party. He wrote the book 101 Ways to Improve Australia, which has been made available to you for free if you visit www.21stcenturyaustralia.com.au



3 thoughts on “New Senate laws to stop minor parties are a joke, says 21st Century Australia Party Founder

  1. “changes designed to entrench the 2 major parties”

    As far as I am concerned
    THE only political party in Australia that has any common sence is The CEC Party – but they are TOO SMALL to have much effect.
    The Greens Party are a stooge for the establishment – we saw that they had no honor – when they helped Julia Gillard with THE CARBON TAX –
    What Australia NEEDS DESPERATELY is
    Australia need to GET RID OF the self-serving Liberal party & the self-serving Labor party.
    Has any one noticed that Bronwyn Bishop is VERY SERIOUSLY SENIOR and she is still a politician that gets to VOTE on decisions that effect the lives of real Australian people & the running of the Nation & it’s economy.
    Would you trust a geriatric to invest WISELY – $ 100.000 of your hard earned money ?
    An old person with not much experience in the financial world – to invest
    … $10.000 of your hard earned money ?
    Would you give
    … $ 1.000 of your hard earned money
    to an old person with a wealth of life experience & wisdom – to invest $1.000 wisely for you ?
    REALLY ?

    Has anyone noticed that The Self-Serving Maverick, Loose Cannon – Tony Abbott has planted a meat cleaver right in the center of Our Malcolm Turnbull’s head.
    What is more Our Malcolm Turnbull & his Liberal party are totallly oblivious to that fact.
    Happy days.

  2. * The Sydney Morning Herald – October 30. 2012
    Federal Politics
    Xenophon Bill aims to curb laundering at pokies.

    * News.com.au – August 19. 2014
    Nick Xenophon renews push to crack down on poker machine money laundering.

    * Nick Xenophon Independent Senator for SA – 30 October 2012
    Nick Xenophon will today introduce a bill to crack down on money laundering in poker machine venues following continued reports of large-scale laundering across the country.
    The Bill follows the most recent report in The Australian last month, which alleged a Victorian hotel failed to act on suspicion of money laundering, after a pensioner & his family were found to have cashed in over $630.000 in supposed winnings at a hotel between March & August this year.
    X – * (supposed winnings – A / the / every – poker machine has a built in calculator which records every cent that is taken in to the machine & every cent that is given out of the machine)

    Question: I don’t get it – what the hell is this man talking about.
    Okay – let me guess how this criminal activity is is happening.
    1) the Jones family are selling drugs.
    2) and as a result they have lots of cash
    3) however … this is dirty money & if the cops catch the Jones family with this dirty money / the money that they earned selling illegal drugs – the Jones family will be arrested & charged accordingly.
    4) cops can tell the difference between money that is honestly obtained
    5) and how to tell that this particular $100 bill is dirty money obtained by selling drugs.
    6) they Jones family take the dirty money to the local pub which has poker machines.
    7) they feed all the dirty money into the poker machines
    8) they do not PLAY THE DIRTY MONEY – don’t play the money.
    9) they then PRESS the button to PULL THE MONEY OUT OF THE MACHINES
    10) BINGO – out comes all the money – again !
    11) this money is now in coins – that’s okay – they provide cups to put the money in.
    12) then the Jones family take their cups full of coins to the person at the register & change it for notes – CLEAN MONEY
    13) now that the money has been laundered – the cops are defenceless – they haven’t got a leg to stand on – they can’t touch ya mate.
    14) make sure that the boss of the pub does not catch on
    15) they don’t like ya mucken ’round with their equipment – too much
    16) if they catch on they will alert security & you will most likely will be taken out to the back room & given a sound thrashing before the cops arrive.
    Please know this – no one in their right mind would knock back cash – if the Jones family took their dirty $100 bills to the local supermarket – they have no way of telling that the money was earned by selling illegal drugs – to the it is just another $100 bill.
    But at large – if you throw a $100 bill at someone – they – but – no one is going to ask you where the hell you got that particular $100 bill – they will just accept it a cash – right.
    If I am wrong about this – someone tell me please.
    In the mean time It is TAX PAYER DOLLARS that pay Xenophons wage – our hard earned money – an d I expect a bit of value in return & not fairy stories.

    At the age of 18 Australians vote.
    TONY ABBOTT’S – crackdown on dole ….
    Australians voters to be HIT
    * no Newstart Allowence for under 25 year olds
    * no Newstart Allowance if you will not uproot yourself & relocate for a job
    * pension age to rise
    In the same breath this government told the AutoMakers of Australia to “piss off’ when they came asking for assistence
    Why did they need assistance ?
    The RBA, with Gun Glen Stevens at the helm – artificially & deliberately held the value of the Australian dollar up to unrealisitc levels – claiming that of all the nations of planet earth who had succumbed – Australia had weathered the 2008 GFC – when in fact the dollar should have fallen with global currency value – thereby the RBA ‘S attempt at CLAWING BACK THE AUSTRALIAN BANKING GAMBLING LOSSES – sent Australian business to the wall.

    Stupid is as stupid does – these people you have savaged are the very persons who will vote against you “retards” –
    And they want to change the system – really ?
    p.s. The whole world knows about the Xenophon Bill – trust me.

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