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No Jab No Pay is government imposed child abuse

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By Sarah Walls For The Crazz Files

The Australian Government really wants you to believe that their “No Jab No Pay” policy is a good thing for Australians .  The media release from the Department of Social Services  was regurgitated on SBS, ABC, Channel 7 news  to assure the public that it is a good idea to punish parents  who refuse to inject their kids with state mandated toxins such as formaldehyde, aluminum & polysorbate 80 by denying them money and child care rebates. 

The media ignores the fact that the No Jab No Pay Policy was started by the tabloid newspaper, The Daily Telegraph and its owner Rubert Murdoch, whose family have strong connections with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline.   In addition, this illegal policy blatantly breaks international human rights violations of medical coercion like the Nuremburg code . The story even appeared in Canada  entitled “How Australia got more people to vaccinate their kids” hoping they will follow Australia’s lead on medical tyranny. In addition, the amendment violates the Australian  Immunisation Handbook which was written by the Department of Health 

it states for consent to be legally valid, a medical procedure (vaccination) “must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.”

In an article by Australian National review entitled, James Murdoch’s arrangements haunt vaccination laws, it states. The prime minister’s decision to strip welfare payments from parents who do not want to vaccinate their children may or may not have something to do with his friend Rupert Murdoch and his family’s strong connection with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. The Canberra Times said in a January editorial that the prime minister does not need enemies “with friends like Rupert Murdoch.”


Midwife Sarah Wentworth  has had to reduce her work hours  and sell her car since the No Jab No Pay policy was implemented, but still refuses to vaccinate her 3 and 5-year-old sons.  Being a trained nurse, Sarah was previously pro-vaccination but witnessed her first son at 18 months experience a febrile convulsion after his MMR shot and was compelled to do research after it was dismissed by her peers at the hospital as a coincidence. Despite having a genetic disposition to vaccine reactions, she can’t get an exemption for her unvaccinated youngest son and refuses to experiment on him anymore. Sarah says “Knowing the chemical composition of street drugs and vaccines, I would rather my children inject street drugs knowing the physical harm from street drugs would be less than the pharmaceuticals ”.

The media propaganda gloated about 5,738 children whose parents were vaccine objectors but had to get forcibly vaccinated so their parents could still receive financial assistance.  AMA President ,  Dr Michael Gannon tweeted.

“Many doubts NoJabNoPay. Well done @cporterwa 150,000+ kids safer #Vaccination objections go fast if dollars at risk!”


Many people have  questioned the findings as parents who had fully vaccinated their kids were being incorrectly sent notices to cut their benefits due to poor government records. “No Jab No Pay radicalized me” said one Brisbane Mother and the unvaccinated community across Australia has grown stronger in their convictions since the policy has made them research deeper, although the government must be aware that research shows rich suburbs have low immunisation rates and these families aren’t affected by the policy in the slightest.

It’s also ironic now that the No Jab No Pay is about to become, No Pay. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is calling for the Family Tax Benefit to be axed regardless of the child’s vaccination status. 

Is No Jab No Pay government imposed child abuse?


Australian Single mother “ Kate”, who is on a disability pension, believes that No Jab No Pay is government imposed child abuse.  She felt forced to vaccinate her previously healthy unvaccinated 9 year old in order to survive and now has to treat his reactions and finds it’s been impossible to get him a medical exemption. Medical Exemptions have also been heavily restricted and are much more difficult to get since the policy was implemented.  Parents can only get them if their child is anaphylactic or is significant immunocompromised  (live attenuated vaccines only) 

Here is the letter that she wrote to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

“My family has a history of moderate to severe reactions to medication (including paradoxical reactions), and especially to vaccinations, worse the younger the person is. Due to this, I chose to delay vaccinating my son until at least adolescence when he could start to gather information and choose for himself based on the science and our reaction history. As a disability pensioner and single mother/carer only able to work a handful of hours a week I can’t afford to lose any FTB benefits, and thus had to start vaccinating my son. He has reacted at least moderately to two of these, the second reaction worse than the first. These impacted the function and sleep of my 9yr old, in addition to the rash and pain. He was unable to do his usual activities and required help with dressing himself, for many days and at least a week. I’ve attached a couple of the photos of the rash/swelling. Our GP is frustrated at not being able to give at least a partial exemption given the degree of the reaction”.



It’s important to note that Malcolm Turnbull does not have anything to gain from helping Kate or anyone who has problems with mandatory vaccinations.  Turnbull is a staunch supporter of vaccinations and the No Jab No pay policy was one of the first legislations he approved after taking office. His wife Lucy Turnbull benefits financially from the vaccine industry since she  is the chairperson of vaccine developer Prima Biomed and  owns 20 million shares. In May 2015, share prices rocketed by nearly 700% due to information about their new cervical cancer vaccine.  This huge conflict of interest is never reported in mainstream media. So while the Turnbull’s can  enjoy their millions of dollars of private profits, it’s the  average, struggling single parents such as Kate, that must forcibly vaccinate their children and deal with the reactions just so they can afford to eat & keep their heads above the water. 

Here is the first response from Malcolm Turnbull’s office that still doesn’t offer Kate a solution to prevent further vaccine damage to her son or offer her help to get a medical exemption in any way. 

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister. I am responding to you on his behalf. I am sorry to hear that your son may have suffered from associated temporary side effects to certain vaccinations. High vaccination rates help to protect our most vulnerable, including young babies and those unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons. The Government is extremely concerned that failure to immunise children puts other young children and the broader community at risk of infectious diseases which can have serious health effects. I am more than happy to pass on your feedback and ensure your concerns are registered with both the Prime Minister and Minister for Health, the Hon Sussan Ley MP.


Tanya Doyle

Office of The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister

Member for Wentworth

Sydney Office
T: 02 9327 3988 | F: 02 9327 2533

Parliament House Canberra
T: 02 6277 7700|


Please Read: Turnbull Pushes Mandatory Vaccination Rollout But Has Lucrative shares In Big Pharma. 

Kate persisted and requested a meeting with Prime Minister Turnbull and explained that her pro-vaccination GP  is very concerned about administering any further vaccinations to her son, given his ‘severe localised reaction. In addition, her  son’s paediatrician said, given the adverse reactions/allergic-type reactions, the severity of reactions as shown in photos and the family’s history of adverse/allergic-type reactions to vaccinations , that he is in agreement that her son should not have further vaccinations . So Kate finally received this response from our deadhead Government. 

I have made representations on your behalf to the Department of Health.

I will contact you once the Minister have given me further advice.


Tanya Doyle

Office of The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP

This first letter from  Prime Minister Turnbull’s office contained the  standard response that most Politicians use the clichéd junk science argument of  Herd Immunity. This is to justify unlimited forced vaccination for the entire population. How can the Australian people be so confident in it when there is no proof of it being a solution? Herd Immunity is a myth and does not exist, it’s a Foundational Lie of the Forced Vaccination Agenda. The government continues to change its estimates of how much of the population needs to be vaccinated to achieve Herd Immunity. For example:

In 2013, Australian Medical Association president, Dr Steve Hambleton said

“If we can get the immunisation rates above 90 per cent, we will abolish diseases like measles and can we can attack things like whooping cough.”

Yet on July 31 2016, Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter, said

“To give our kids the best protection against diseases such as whooping cough, we’re aiming towards a herd immunity level of 95 per cent and it’s clear that the No Jab, No Pay policy is helping to achieve this.”

Meryl Dorey writes in her article Herd Immunity – Truth or Lie?

“ Health officials and the media blame unvaccinated children by telling everyone that ‘vaccines only work if everyone does them’ are really just trying to cover up the fact that their multi-billion dollar vaccination programs are failing “

According to Tourism Australia website, we had a whopping 7.85 million overseas visitors for the year ending June 2016.

No measures are in place to check the vaccination status of these visitors upon entry & there are no vaccination requirements to enter Australia. That’s a lot of people entering our country who are all potentially unvaccinated, especially as our population is only 23 million! This is another contradiction to the myth of herd immunity ” But the main stream media still continue to focus their attention on a small amount of healthy & unvaccinated children.

Recently a video went viral from the mother of Heidi, a five-week old baby who’s too young to be vaccinated and  sadly caught  whooping cough. The irony in this story is that  Baby Heidi contracted Pertussis from her vaccinated big brother who caught it from a vaccinated child at his daycare. However, rather than looking into the effectiveness of the vaccine, the media were fast to blame healthy unvaccinated children even though there were none enrolled at the day care.  The article attacks nonvaccinators and  fails to look at the shortcomings of the whooping cough vaccine. In an ABC article earlier this year, it was reported that there was a whooping cough increase related to the current vaccine. 

Sandra Tee who is the mother of baby Heidi also had a vaccine shot in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy & she wrote on facebook “There is nothing more we could have done” in regards to protecting against whooping cough.  Sandra’s son was fully vaccinated but still contracted whooping cough along with over 20 other vaccinated kids at the daycare, but the media pointed the blame at unvaccinated children? What this all clearly demonstrates is that the Pertussis vaccine is not only a dismal failure but children who have previously received the vaccine are  serving as reservoirs for silent infection & infecting other children unknowingly. Unvaccinated children are not the problem here, the problem is the Pertussis vaccine itself but the media keep spinning the lie through fear mongering & propaganda.


 The worst whooping cough epidemic in seven decades hit California in 2015, with nearly 10,000 cases having been reported by the end of November. Experts are warning that the vaccine currently being used to prevent the disease is partly to blame for the outbreak.

In the US, KPBS reported that Children across the country may need yet another booster shot — a seventh inoculation — to protect against whooping cough, a disease that is spreading across the nation in what may be the worst epidemic in more than 50 years.

New research confirms the whooping cough vaccine is failing at a higher rate than expected.

In a research paper from the CDC entitled, Pertussis Infection in Fully Vaccinated Children in Day-Care Centers, it states in the conclusions. Vaccinated adolescents and adults may serve as reservoirs for silent infection and become potential transmitters to unprotected infants. Therefore, even young, recently vaccinated children may serve as reservoirs and potential transmitters of infection.

In light of so much documented information that clearly points to a failed vaccine, the mainstream media blindly & arrogantly continue to blame healthy, unvaccinated children for the Whooping Cough outbreaks.

The pro-vaccination media fear campaign has been very carefully executed & has created an  obedient, hive mind mentality where the brainwashed mob happily police each other.  Unfortunately, large sections of our population are becoming Big pharma promoters and will most likely be receptive to the push for Adult Vaccinations.

 NIP Budget measure states that ‘an adult vaccination register will be established to record all adult vaccines provided under the NIP from 1 September 2016’,

As Ian Jonah Graham commented the sentiments of what many Australians believe on  Facebook “ Now the government needs to figure out a way to get the rest jabbed. I’d say no Jab no access to welfare, schooling, health, work etc etc etc:

The public are almost demanding that everyone be blanket vaccinated and the anti-vaxxers blamed for the outbreaks & the mongrel media are more than happy to oblige.  They are oblivious to the fact that there is no exemption for most vulnerable people and despite the fact that no quality vaccine safety study has ever been carried out.  According to the latest figures from  the Department of Health website of Australia. There are 30,092 children with conscious objectors forms recorded, with a population based on 2,242,925 children that’s 1.34% of Australian Children who have been unfairly blamed for spreading disease.


It’s been proven time and again that the vaccinated often cause the outbreaks.  In China, there was a 99% vaccination rate but still a measles outbreak occurred. Vaccines wane after 2 years and so the majority of grown ups are running around without their booster shots so achieving herd immunity by vaccinating 93% of children 1-5 still doesn’t cover adults. 

Dr Tetyana Obukhanych, who holds a PhD in Immunology, explains in this Open letter to Legislators Currently Considering Vaccine Legislation about why the unvaccinated pose no risk to the vaccinated.

The false statements in this government sanctioned propaganda  “Immunisation rates climb on back of No Jab No Pay policy talks about vaccination rates being historically low and bringing back diseases that we have not  seen in a long time is false. In 1991 our fully vaccinated 0-6yr olds were at 53%, so how could 90-92% be historically low? As for whooping cough, in 91′ it was only 347 cases and by 2011 with over 90% vax rates it had jumped to over 38,000 cases, so who is bringing back diseases? It is certainly not vaccine objectors.

 the vaccination agenda is being massively promoted in Australia & to be vaccinated means that you are, the new healthy but how healthy are children when obesity is on the rise , allergies, Asthma,diabetes, eczema, autoimmune conditions & cancer in children are all increasing and many of these conditions have been linked to vaccines in scientific papers.  There is such a massive surge in the number of children with autism in WA public schools that it’s prompted the state government to invest in specialist programs for 16 mainstream schools.  According to the kids cancer project Cancer is the leading cause of death of Australian children, by disease. Formaldehyde, a toxic poison is an ingredient in childhood vaccines and according to the CDC is known to cause cancer. Rather than getting excited about the uptake in forced vaccinations that struggling families are reluctantly giving their kids. A more interesting study should be to look at the general health of young Australians in 10 years so that the real effects of No Jab No Pay policy  can be properly assessed. 

It’s also very interesting to note that the health of unvaccinated children compared to fully vaccinated kids is never discussed or even acknowledged the GOVPHARMEDIA, i wonder why?

In December 2010, a comprehensive survey was initiated by the German site and its counterpart to compare the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children.  As far as I know, no survey or study of this kind has ever been conducted except for a compilation of statistics of the patients of Dr. Mayer Eisenstein MD, a pediatrician based in Chicago.

Real News Australia added a new video: Shining the light on vaccine injury.

This special video, constructed by the Real News Australia team is about vaccine injury from a real Australian. Tracy from Logan in Brisbane was kind enough to share with us the consequences of a bad vaccine that her son was given in 1992. Please share this short video and add comments and discussion below.
PLEASE NOTE : If you live in Brisbane and have a similar story that you want to share, please contact us on Facebook PM.


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  1. Just be aware that by slamming the current acellular pertussis vaccine, health authorities are considering bringing back the whole cell vaccine (DPT.) Although this may be more effective preventing whooping cough in children, the side effects were horrific. I have noticed in my area, a number of 50 years old being told they have “the 100 day cough” and the doctor not even telling them that they have whooping cough or doing a confirmation test by either throat swab or blood test. Makes me wonder what is going on.

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