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North American auto industry teetering towards collapse due to Trudeau’s covid “vaccine” tyranny


Car manufacturers that operate plants both in Canada and the United States are really starting to feel the burn from Justin Trudeau’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandates, but the guy refuses to budge on lifting them.

Even as the Biden regime hints at lessening some of the restrictions, Trudeau is reportedly “st[anding] firm against an easing of Canada’s COVID-19 restrictions in the face of mounting pressure during recent weeks by protests against the restrictions and against Trudeau himself.”

Trudeau’s failure to back down on the tyranny resulted in a blockade being formed on the bridge between Canada and Detroit, which forced the shutdown of a Ford plant. Other car manufacturers are also suffering, reports indicate. (Related: Freedom Convoy protesters say Trudeau’s government is “ripping everything apart” with its tyranny.)

“The protest by people mostly in pickup trucks entered its third day at the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario,” reported AP News. “Traffic was prevented from entering Canada, while U.S.-bound traffic was still moving.”

“The bridge carries 25% of all trade between the two countries, and Canadian authorities expressed increasing worry about the economic effects.”

All Trudeau has to do is stop tyrannizing his country’s people and this whole escalating situation would come to an immediate end. However, because he refuses to, it will likely continue indefinitely, causing progressively more harm to the automobile industry and the North American economy at large.

Biden regime blames protesters, not Trudeau, for auto industry crisis

In an announcement, Ford claimed that a parts shortage forced it to shut down an engine plant in Windsor. A Ford assembly plant in Oakville, Ont., also had to pare down to a reduced schedule due to a lack of incoming supplies caused by Trudeau’s tyranny.

“This interruption on the Detroit-Windsor bridge hurts customers, auto workers, suppliers, communities and companies on both sides of the border,” Ford said in a statement.

“We hope this situation is resolved quickly because it could have widespread impact on all automakers in the U.S. and Canada.”

General Motors likewise had to cancel the second shift of the day at its midsize-SUV factory near Lansing, Mich., though spokesman Dan Flores indicated that this was only a temporary move.

Toyota spokesman Scott Vazin said that his company will temporarily no longer be able to manufacture anything at three Canadian plants due to parts shortages. Vazin blamed the supply chain, weather and “pandemic-related challenges,” but the announcement came immediately after the blockade formed, indicating the true reason.

“Our teams are working diligently to minimize the impact on production,” the company announced.

At Stellantis, formerly Fiat Chrysler, business is mostly normal, however the company did have to cut some shifts short at its minivan plant in Windsor.

The Biden regime, meanwhile, is blaming the blockade, not Trudeau, for wreaking all this economic havoc.

“The blockade poses a risk to supply chains for the auto industry because the bridge is a key conduit for motor vehicles, components and parts, and delays risk disrupting auto production,” announced White House press secretary Jen Psaki, making no mention of the mandates that caused it in the first place.

In his own statement, Trudeau defended his tyranny by claiming that it was, and still is, necessary to fight the plandemic and flatten the curve.

A second blockade at a border crossing in Coutts, Alberta, has shut down economic activity at that port of entry as well. For the past week and a half, dozens of trucks were parked there while hundreds more occupied downtown Ottawa, Canada’s capital.

“Until Trudeau moves, we don’t move,” said protester John Vanreeuwyk, a feedlot operator from Coaldale, Alberta.


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