April 17, 2024

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Open Letter to Jane Hansen from Sydney Freedom of Choice Protest Organiser


Dear Jane Hansen

I do apologize for that photo being put up on the event page for the NO JAB NO PAY NO WAY Protest Sydney page.  It has since been removed by admin of that page and I agree with you it is in poor taste.  Please accept my most sincere apologies.

I am a father of beautiful healthy toddlers that are not vaccinated and also an 18 year old daughter. And there has been written, some very negative press about me because I have the tenacity to stand up, legally, for what I believe in. I hope one day you could find it in your time to meet with me to have a chat.

There are many people that are upset with News limited in relation to alienating parents who choose not to vaccinate, partially vaccinate or fully vaccinate who also have reservations about the government policy on vilifying parents by taking away their right to have an education and family tax benifits, when in actual fact the government will still give a pension or a centrelink entitlement to known; pedophiles, serial crime offenders and murderers.It has been reported however, by the Guardian, that the owner of the paper you work for does have a connection with the Pharmaceutical Company GlaxosmithKline a huge manufacturer of Childhood vaccines.


I hope this letter reaches you well and I also hope that you see I have concerns as a parent and an activist for truth, equality and human rights around health related issues, and I use my rights to voice my concerns on what I believe are draconian laws that will affect many thousands of loving and very well informed parents.

As you are aware we are having a protest rally  against No Jab No Pay in Sydney at 1400 hours, 20th November, outside the Sydney news limited offices and have many professional speakers including a GP. This event is completely legal and police from Surry Hills LAC will attend for the safety of the people attending and as this is the third rally in sydney that I have helped to organise i have a very good relationship with the police.If you cannot make it please feel free to have a reporter from 2 Holt st Surry hills to attend.

I for one will not be publically vilifying you or Claire. I only present facts.

I have read alot of your work and there are many amazing articles that you have written. And also I do understand the pains you have gone through as a journalist such as this quote you made on the ABC’s Australian Story!

“It still really upsets me. It’s been 10 years. I think what gutted me the most was that two children were without a father and a wife was without a husband. I didn’t feel as though I had a right to talk about how I felt about the story because I wasn’t the victim. In everyone’s mind, I was the perpetrator”.

I have no shadow of doubt that you are a decent woman. As I would like you to understand that I am a decent man.  I am just concerned with the Avenue that the corporation you work for has taken in relation to the NO Jab No Pay policy.

This is an open letter for you to respond to at anytime.

See that I am just in my words and my actions and that I am not a baby killer or a terrorist, but a very well informed father and a relentless and passionate activist for truth in the media and I will never give up.

My convictions are real and from my heart and nothing can stop the determination I have for truth, equality and fairness in this, what seems like a war, on so called ‘anti-vaxers’.

I note you stated in an email to me and I quote verbatim “…..And you’re right, I have little time for people who troll bereaved parents and even question the existence of a child who died an awful death. Nor do I have time for puerile men who allege I am sleeping with Rupert Murdoch. Do you medical degree, spend time specializing in immunology and I’ll listen to you then.”

Jane I personally have never “trolled  bereaved parents” and I am not sure what you mean by “….question the existence of a child who died an awful death”.

I do not nor have I ever questioned the existence of a child who died a horrible death. If you have proof of this show it to me?

I am available anytime, day or night, and am happy to shout you a lunch in any place you desire. From McDonald’s to the fanciest and most expensive restaurant in Sydney, to simply have a chat with you about what it is you really hate about people like me.

Without prejudice

Damien Poulsen

Sydney Freedom Of Choice Protest Organiser




Should Rupert Murdoch, who has pharmaceutical investments, be allowed to influence government decisions, which affect our children?


1 thought on “Open Letter to Jane Hansen from Sydney Freedom of Choice Protest Organiser

  1. “Do your medical degree, spend time specializing in immunology and I’ll listen to you then.”
    This reply by Ms Hansen shows the arrogance, born of ignorance, that foments our mainstream media……. Gus

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