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Open letter to TGA from Craig Kelly


Craig Kelly has data that shows an unusual increase of deaths in young boys since they started the vaccine rollout in the UK.

He is asking John Skerritt to immediately halt the vaccine rollout in teenagers until this is investigated properly. He says it is his duty of care to do so.

Craig sent this video to every Federal MP in Australia.

3 thoughts on “Open letter to TGA from Craig Kelly

  1. Not just the children. Adults, too, are dying in excess, compared with 2020.

    See this article:
    Excess mortality rate in Australia is double that of 2020 during only 4 months of Cov-Vaxxing in 2021 there-was-then-you-need-to-ask-why-its-deadly-effect-doubled-after-the-cov-vaxx-roll-out/

    What’s more, worldwide, they are hiding the true rate of (excess) mortality and disability caused by these injections. A case in point is Weimar, a city in the former East Germany, where the Mayer has just mandated that statistics about double vaxxed being treated in hospital or having died there will no longer be made public! He said that making these figures public would merely “play into the hands of the anti-vaxxers”.

    Actually, it would reveal them to be correct in their claims!

    1. Totally agree Veri Tas.
      Craig Kelly should be Knighted for his concern and work.
      Although, I don’t think he would relish any Royal award considering the track record of the modern knights; Jimmy Saville, Mick Jagger, Rolf Harris and many others.
      King Arthur would be turning in his grave!

  2. The Cabal behind these Covid spiels are in their final roll. They’ve managed to con world Governments and the billions of Prime Time TV Junkies into rolling up their sleeves for the Team, Family and The Country not even thinking that this whole show was a 100% Event 201 Scam. The flu got rebadged and billions will now suffer life long injuries from these deadly mRNA experiments. The Covid mantra is nothing but a vast business plan
    No virus can harm a solid immune system. All disease begins within the body, just as all Nations fail once corruption sets in, exact same process with wellness.
    Never fear a Bug, rather Fear a poor meal choice!!

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