April 22, 2024

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Parents Outrage At Survey Questions Sexualising Kids


Parents across Victoria have expressed outrage as students as young as 10 years old have been exposed to questions like ‘when did you had sexual intercourse for the first time?’ in the state’s annual ‘health and wellbeing’ survey.

According to the Victoria Government’s Education and Training website: “The student health and wellbeing survey (known as the About You Survey) is conducted every two years in Victorian schools with students in Years 5, 8 and 11.”

Reading the information on the website, and on the parents’ information note, the survey looks innocuous enough – collecting information regarding nutrition, family, friendships etc. There is no mention of sexual content.

The website claims that the survey is conducted with parental consent but that is misleading. One parent reported that ‘opt out’ (not ‘opt in’) forms were given to STUDENTS, not parents, just a couple of days prior to the survey. So, if students didn’t give the form to their parents in time, they had no way of knowing the survey was happening, let along give consent to participate.

The website also claims that students will remain anonymous, yet the first question they are asked is their school ID and Student ID, making them easily identifiable…

But it was the questions themselves that have rattled parents.

If there is a gap in sexuality education, educate parents. As the primary educators and care-givers of our children, being kept in the dark and alienating us only serves to drive a wedge of division between parent and child. What can possibly be gained by doing that?

Parents, this has already gone too far. Why are you staying silent and letting this happen? Time to speak up! Contact your State MP and let them know we won’t be silent any more. Our kids are too precious to damage them with unnecessarily sexual content.

Share this to ensure every parent knows what’s really going on in schools behind our backs!

Source: https://youreteachingourchildrenwhat.org/2018/10/parents-outrage-at-survey-questions-sexualising-kids/

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