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Tasmania to remove gender from birth certificates


Tasmania is set to become the first state to remove the sex of a child from birth certificates, in a major win for transgender people that has been attacked by critics as “abolishing gender”.

Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi says the abolition of gender ignores the basics of biology.

The Australian reports, a vote is expected in Tasmania’s lower house next month where the Liberal government, Christian groups and feminists fear it has been “hijacked” by the transgender lobby via a series of Labor and Greens amendments.

The Hodgman government relies on the casting vote of Liberal Speaker Sue Hickey, who was elected to the position with Greens and Labor support and votes as an independent.

Labor and the Greens both plan amendments to remove the need for trans people to have sex change surgery before switching gender on official documents.

Senator Bernardi has told ABC Radio Adelaide the whole thrust of the Left to try to abolish gender ignores common sense and reality.

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4 thoughts on “Tasmania to remove gender from birth certificates

  1. There is something about this man.

    I think that if we have a good look, the transgender hype has lost it’s momentum.
    A flash in the pan type campaign.

  2. “Bernardi’s work courageously promotes the conservative cause & sets out a path to a better Australia, through a commitment to faith, family, flag, freedom & free enterprise.”
    This is a quote, a portion from his book promotion.
    The Conservative Revolution:

    And Nuclear Energy – Cory Bernardi also believed that Nuclear Energy is a good thing for Australia. Yes it will cost big money – a nuclear power plant costs $2 billion to $4 billion up to $9 billion per unit (2009) – but it is cheap to run –
    I do not know what they do with the spent fuel rods & the contaminated water – so while a nuclear power plant is cheap to run – there are hidden costs both monetary & safety wise – we’ll have to read the fine print – hey.

    Australians have stayed at arms length of nuclear energy – we thought about it & said no. Bernadie will have his work cut out for him to convince us – unless he decides to pull rank & decide what’s best for us Australians without us.
    But that’s what they do, don’t they … “Who gives a flying frisby what they think” & away they go half cocked.

    I’m worried about a draconian era descending upon Australia.

  3. We the people have fall away from a lot of this conservatives stuff.
    We have looked at organised religion from all aspects & today when they cannot burn us at the stake for heresy or witchcraft – we have questioned their validity in a free & just world & taken some steps back.

    Here I recommend Eric Kaufmann’s talk at the Sydney Opera House – The Religions Shall Inherit The Earth. – Youtube.
    It is easy, informative, interesting & entertaining, listening.

    And I wonder what family values mean ??
    The little woman shackled to the kitchen sink.
    Running the family on the smell of an oily rag with six hungry kids to feed.

  4. Draconia is already here my friend. We didn*t have a referendum on fluoride or vaccines even tho both are war crimes under the Nuremberg Code & the Geneva Convention – we, as a nation acted as sheeple & just let these two horrors happen. The ball is well & truly in the hands of the people again & most of us should be better informed now, it*s up to the people of Tasmania to make it very clear that this proposal is totally unacceptable. Boys are boys & girls are girls, if males want to have sex with males or with both males & females that is a choice, the same goes for females. It has nothing to do with gender.

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