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This Disgusting Child Killer Has No Authority Over Our Lives 

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NSW Health Minister and child killer Brad Hazzard is again opening his big mouth by stating that Unvaccinated teenagers in NSW have been granted an exemption to attend end-of-year celebrations, what???

Hazzard also stepped in and told unvaccinated protesters that they are all ok to attend the Sydney protests even though they would have anyway so his stupid comments have no grounding in reality.

Brad says that teenagers who have just finished up their schooling for the year should be able to let their hair down and be able to party.

According to the SMH, Unvaccinated parents of students are blocked from attending festivities, and students must present a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of the event. The rule change will only apply to events organised by the school.

So the child killer is boasting about unvaccinated children being able to attend events and parties but their parents can’t be involved and the kids have to show proof of a negative COVID test?

We can see the tyrannical drip feeding taking place here where these mongrels pretend to give freedoms back when in reality they are taking them away.

Most people are just happy to entertain the idea that they are free because some fuckwit in a suit throws around a few directions but they are failing to see the scam here.

Brad Hazzard has absolutely no say or authority over our lives and this absolute dickhead is living in a dream world if he thinks that his criminal and illegal directions have any weight at all, they don’t, they are just “DIRECTIONS”, not law!!!!

It’s high time that many Australians stop acting like miserable cowards and take their lives back because if you don’t stamp your authority onto your own life then you are nothing more than food for the system.


2 thoughts on ““PISS OFF BRAD”

  1. It’s about time we shoved, Hazzard, this Child sacrificing Moloch believer back under his Canaanite rock.
    This poor excuse for a human being has just supported his ugly duckling, Chant, who forecast that NSW will have some 25000 positive cases a day by January end 2022.
    A planned effort to continue the toxic ravage via a needle on Australians.
    It’s called fear by suggestion. We create our own fear if we take heed!

  2. Majority of Australians are gutless wonders. Compliance is the “right”rhing to do, don’tyou know?! As for unvaxed teenage unsupervised parties, how many of his like-minded ilk will be there, checking out tender “veal”.

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