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UK Ready To Approve COVID Death Jabs For 5 Year Olds

Evil Monsters Are Now Targeting 5 Year Old Children In The UK

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The UK’s vaccine watchdog is gearing up to administer COVID-19 death jabs into 5 year old children in a sickening and demonic move.

A joint committee on Vaccination and a bunch of overpaid and compromised experts are about to offer up 5 year old children to the fires of hell once they conclude that the Pfizer jabs are safe for kids by coming to their own conclusions.

I am sure that immunocompromised kids and little ones with Asthma will be targeted first as sick politicians and putridly evil Pharmaceutical corporations line little ones up for the kill shots.

The EU has already approved the Pfizer jab for five to 11-year olds, and in the US more than 2.6 million children in this age group have received a first dose, according to White House estimates.

The European Medicines Agency said: “The benefits … outweigh the risks, particularly in those with conditions that increase the risk of severe Covid-19.”

There are benefits to injecting young children with experimental, untested, unsafe GMO biowarfare agents to protect them against a virus that has never been isolated and does not exist?

Pfizer and Moderna are conducting vaccine trials on children as young as six months, yes these disgusting and evil corporations are testing COVID jabs on 6 month old babies. WHAT????

These putrid companies have also been covering up thousands of deaths and injuries caused by their toxic jabs but continue to run tests on babies like lab rats.

Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Germany and France banned the use of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine in people younger than 30 years old after observing that there’s an increased risk of heart inflammation for young adults after vaccination.

The Australian Government are shipping in Moderna’s mRNA  jabs to pump into our kids arms with young babies and pregnant woman also on their hit list.

Big corporations, media and our own Governments have now openly declared war against the people and if that’s not bad enough they are targeting our young ones with cruel and vicious intent.

If this is not enough to get the strong men of your society and the masses fired up and into battle mode then i honestly don’t know what is.

It’s time to stand up together and fight back against this putrid evil before it’s too late and if you don’t want to do it for yourself then do it for our kids.


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