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9 thoughts on “Jacinda Ardern & The Labour Party Exposed in 7 minutes!

  1. I had a mild heart attack in the wee small hours of Thursday morning.
    The ambulance transported me to The Royal Melbourne Hospital.
    Today, an old doctor of the old school of medical nobility threw me out of the hospital with 3 packed of over priced medications.

  2. You know the type – up his own knobbly self with all the airs & graces he can muster.
    Why are OLD MEN like him still allowed to practice medicine when there are so many young & talented male & female surgeons within the Australian medical profession.
    WHO … buy the way ,, actually doing the surgery & OLD FARTS like this wag taking the credit & most of the money.

    1. Vocus has the contract to wire up the RMH & all the other buildings along that street & guess who the head of sales & acquisitions is – my Andrew.
      We are going to give the old fart a rig tomorrow & find out “What Happened??”

      1. I made lots of friends while I was there & as I was wheeled out in a wheelchair we all waved goodbuy to each other – staff & patients.

  3. As for Jacinda Ardern – her ime came & went – the moment the Christ church slaughter took place.

  4. ABC – RN this morning … some Aussie expert was telling how new laws will make the internet more responsible, albeit we have movies & commercials that are horrifically violent & disturbing shoved up us constantly.


    They are ever afraid that the truth will out …
    They have arrested Julian Assange so as to stomp him into the ground, to show any wannabe TELL ALL’S that they need fear for their lives.

    We know already –

    Documents to prove fraud & other crimes are what they are afraid will leak out & especially as we are in the midst of abolishing the public service.
    Trust me, the ABC will be shut down despite fear that disgruntled workers will produce documented evidence that will shut down the political arena & incarcerate.

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