October 1, 2023

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Howdy members, join Adam 16/04/21 for the crazz files podcast to break down all the latest real news and events from Australia and the world. 

I plug in to cover all the latest COVID jab deaths and also take a look at the ridiculous restrictions that seem to be falling apart at the seams and how we can fight back.

I also discuss idiotic Government and media propaganda and the insane push to sell the death jab to the public. 

The Crazz Files Podcast With Adam 


Those seeking medical advice should consult medical professionals without delay. Consult trusted professionals to clarify and verify related issues. The author is not an authority. He is a critic of authority. His research addresses apparent contradictions and is designed to cultivate discussion.

Snake plissken can bust us out of prison island 


  1. I’m from Buffalo, New that’s part of Erie County and that mentally ill evil actor, County Executive Mark Polancarz has been playing dictator since before this hoax started. Polancarz, Gov. Cuomo and the mayor of Buffalo are all actors probably taking orders from the federal government.

    Not to sound cruel, but most people from Buffalo, NY aren’t very bright and I can guarantee that a lot of these very loyal Buffalo Bills fans will get the vaccine in order to attend these rigged, energy harvesting games with their criminally overpaid athletes.

    Please take a look at some photos of Polancarz because you can literally feel the sadism coming out of his hateful eyes.

    ‘The Buffalo “News” and the rest of the western NY media are doing their (criminal) part in maintaining the Covid lie.

    Ironically, the current (or last) owner of the Buffalo Bills, Terry Pegula, made his fortune off of fracking which (as Mr. West has charted) is the primary cause of the real cases of non-viral SARS
    type of respiratory illness, but I have heard that bacterial pneumonia is also being misdiagnosed as Covid.

    Please try to get Jim West back.

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