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“PODCAST” The Man Who Remembered The Future With Adam

“PODCAST” The Man Who Remembered The Future With Adam

“Howdy Members” I plug in for the first episode of the new Reading & Observation podcasts category which can be found in the new carousel within the members area. 

In these podcasts I will be reading through and covering lots of unique and intriguing information so these shows are targeted mostly towards the crazz members who enjoy listening to audio books and podcasts. 

For this first podcast I take a look at some incredible information looking at the research, writings and books of American author, Phillip K Dick. 

I read through his early years, his university days and the amazing experiences he went through where he seemed to be in contact with his other self or consciousness. 

From a very early age there was something distinctly odd about Philip K. Dick. He was a quiet, somewhat introverted child, recovering from the loss of his twin sister Jane, who died soon after they were born in a cold Chicago December in 1928, and the subsequent abandonment of his father a few years later.

As he grew older he was clearly highly intelligent but with certain neurological and psychological problems that caused him difficulties at school. These issues tended to come to the surface during periods of stress such as exams.

The young Phil would suffer from vertigo attacks together with strong feelings of disassociation from the physical world. He once described the sensation as like viewing the world through the wrong end of a telescope. It was in one crucial physics exam that something very peculiar took place.

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