February 25, 2024

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Rubber bullets, pepper bullets and capsicum spray were used violently against Victorians

Angelica Rose Steele

Brutal police state tactics from Victorian Police who have taken their tyrannical brutality to a whole new level.
Terrorizing the Australian people using fear and lock downs to push injections into arms.
How can anyone honestly believe that this outrageous behavior has anything to do with a sore throat and a runny nose? 
We are all being targeted
I am tired of the lies on mainstream media, tired of the biased, one sided, government spoon-fed propaganda on all the major news channel outlets.
So I am creating this post to show what really happened.
Because this story is something that happened from the recent protest in Melbourne that you will NEVER see on mainstream media.
Rubber bullets, pepper bullets and capsicum spray were used violently and inappropriately by the police with undue force and aggression, even on children in the crowd. People were seriously harmed and could have been killed.
This protester, a large, sturdy man put himself in the line of fire to try and protect elderly people and kids behind him. Look at the damage inflicted. Imagine what this would do to an elderly person or kid? It’s horrifying.
This is frog being boiled slowly in the pot kinda stuff. How much longer before they whip out the real bullets? Tiananmen square anybody?
 if you believe and regurgitate mainstream media like it’s the truth, or quote the disgraceful Shane Patten who lied and tried to make it out the unarmed demonstrators who were violent, then SHAME ON YOU.

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