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Sage of Quay – Mike Williams w/Sofia Smallstorm – Baphomet, Sigils & Thought Energy

Published on Dec 4, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of joining Sofia Smallstorm as a guest on her radio show.

We took a deeper dive in to a recent video exposé called “Is Miley Cyrus Baphomet?” It is an excellent analysis by YouTuber Paul Romano who pulls the curtain back to expose the occult symbolism which is hidden in plain site and intended to manipulate mass consciousness.

In my conversation with Sofia we discuss what Baphomet represents along with other symbols and sigils used by the Puppet Masters to deceptively manipulate the minds of the unknowing masses in order to achieve their nefarious objective of full spectrum dominance over humanity.

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3 thoughts on “Sage of Quay – Mike Williams w/Sofia Smallstorm – Baphomet, Sigils & Thought Energy

  1. 545 Lygon Street Carlton North – I attended primary school at this address all those years ago – St Marks Roman Catholic Church & Primary School.
    Sister Carmel, the senior sister in charge – there were only 2 sisters – at the top of her voice – told us time & time again that we Catholic Girls were “BOLD, BRAZEN, BRATS”
    I have never forgotten that – a young mind firmly & thoroughly indoctrinated.

  2. reg; Is Miley Cyrus Baphornet –
    I remember the Mickey Mouse Club –
    I used to sing the theme song with the Mouseketeers –
    Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you & me M I C K E Y M O U S E
    Mickey Mouse !
    Mickey Mouse !
    When life was BORING & DUMB & there was little or no STIMULATION FOR MOST CHILDREN
    The man on the video tells us that
    Annette Funicello went on to become a loose woman – as a teen & young lady in movies.
    As opposed to the virtuous young females who left school at the respectable age of 15 so as to go to work so as to put together a glory box so as to be worthy of the wholesome young man AND HIS MOTHER – his mother who would not be able to speak one word to her or against her if her glory box were worthy of him – while awaiting Holy Matrimony. BECAUSE A GIRL WAS NOT WOTH EDUCATING – SHE WOULD MARRY AT 21 AND BECOME A HOUSEWIFE & MOTHER – THIS DID NOT REQUIRE AN EDUCATION.
    I am old enough to have lived in these times.
    Do you know what it is to be the brightest student of over 200 felllow students – in all subjects including maths & science – & to have to leave school to work to put together a glory box to be worthy of your future mother in law.
    I went to work in an illegal gaming house, who knew that playing cards for money was illegal. The police raided the place & I realised – don’t worry the boss fixed it.
    So I guess Annette Funicello was a definate influence on me & Amen to that.

  3. p.s.
    At the age of 16
    I was a pinball champion – with 20 cents = one game – when pinballs pid out – I won $36 = 1 weeks wages in an hour.
    17 years of age I played billiards & pool for money (kaching kaching kaching) at Johnnys Green Room in Faraday Street Carlton
    I smoked Senior Service non filter cigarettes as opposed to Camel non filter & drank Coca Cola from small glass bottles without a straw – I had an image to keep up & no men wholesome or otherwise for it was their very existence that had screwed my life

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