April 17, 2024

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UFO orbs seen and filmed stalking homes across the globe


North America, particularly California, has been a hotspot for the odd flying objects which appear to stalk people’s homes and some fear could sinisterly be looking for humans to abduct.

After viewing footage on YouTube of a sighting in California two weeks ago, Borr Magilicutty said: “They appear, show themselves. Next is abduction and missing time.”

The latest sighting, which was recorded on video camera, happened in Los Angeles, California, which appears to be a alien hotspot.

It was the scene of a UFO sighting last month before a bizarre dead alien-looking creature was discovered outside a family home.

In the newest sighting, on Saturday, a man filmed a green orb with a pink centre from his home and worryingly said he saw an identical orb there two months earlier.

He said: “I caught the same orb in October 6th about the same time, same direction, same altitude.”

Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, claims to have seen similar UFOs in Taiwan and China.

He said: “This guy seems more than a little worried about these glowing orbs near his home. He has recorded them before and this time he got some nice close ups of them. You can see the energy emitting form the orb, but in its centre it looks like a pink cube.”

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2 thoughts on “UFO orbs seen and filmed stalking homes across the globe

  1. The Earth is filled with liquid metal & it rotates inside turning the planet into a giant magnet.
    The sun is constantly releasing a flurry of energetic particles right at Earth. The particles are electrically charged & driven to earth by the Solar Winds. When theu encounter the Eaths magnetic field, they are forced into a spiral along the magnetic field lines. Eventually they collide with an oxygen or nitrogen atom in the Earths atmosphere & release fields of light.
    As a result we have the Northern Lights.
    Anything is possible in time & space – we the people of planet earth are hooked on the boogieman coming to get us – so bad.

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