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Sasquatch That Can’t Be Killed with Bullets and Disappear in A Flash of Light

Part 1: Sasquatch That Can’t Be Killed with Bullets and

Disappear in A Flash of Light

© 2017 by Linda Moulton Howe

 “Until he passed away, the farmer’s son told me that he’d never forget how
that large 8-foot-tall Bigfoot creature with those glowing green eyes kept looking
back and staring at him as he’s firing live ammo into it. And he said there
was no evidence that it was injured in any way!

– Stan Gordon, UFO Anomalies Zone website

Female camper’s sketch of 8-foot-tall Sasquatch
that appeared near her tent in the San Juan National Forest
on August 5, 2000. Sketch by eyewitness Julie Davis.

 April 28, 2017 Greensburg, Pennsylvania – By October 1975, hundreds of bloodless, trackless animal mutilations had been reported throughout North America and big, orange UFOs were setting off alarms on SAC bases in Montana, Wyoming, Nrtth and South Dakota. Ranchers began arming themselves, while silent, dark helicopters and large, bright lights in the sky were seen day and night. The absence of tracks around the dead, bloodlessly mutilated animals was baffling.

One night, a few miles southwest of Sterling, Colorado, two ranch cowhands at about 4 AM, saw three “human-like figures” glide over their feedlot fence. The men called the Logan County Sheriff. Two cars with officers got to the feedlot in minutes. But the gliding figures could not be found. What really puzzled the cowhands was the mud. It had been raining, so the ground was soaked. But there were no footprints in the feedlot and none leading up to the fence.

Around that same time, two girls from Sterling told the sheriff they fired a .22 at a “hairy beast” that walked into their yard. The Bigfoot-type creature ran off. Invesitgators found four branches burned off in the area where the creature ran, but NO tracks.

In Great Falls, Montana, Deputy Sheriff Keith Wolverton had calls from residents describing black helicopters and strange little fixed-wing planes during the day and rapidly moving aerial lights at night. Dep. Wolverton also examined several mutilated animals and was the first authority to coin the phrase “cookie cutter” cuts to describe the symmetrical, bloodless excisions that had no explanation. Dep. Wolverton also had several “Bigfoot” reports at the same time of the strange aerial lights and animal mutilations. One man called the sheriff’s office to say he had just shot one of the 8-foot-tall hairy ape creatures from six feet away with a double barrel shotgun. The astonished man told Deputy Wolverton: “The creature disappeared in a flash of light!”

Recently, on March 28, 2017, the Idaho State Journal headlined “Local Researcher Says Recent Idaho Bigfoot Sighting Seems Credible.” The researcher was Prof. Jeff Meldrum at Idaho State University.  The eyewitness was a 50-year-old woman from Tensed in northern Idaho, who said on Wednesday night, March 22nd, she was driving on U. S. Highway 95 near the Idaho/Washington border when she saw a deer on the side of the road being chased by a tall, hairy Sasquatch creature. As the deer was trying to escape, it ran straight in front of her car and she struck the deer with her Subaru Forester. Then she reported the collision to the local sheriff, who simply categorized the report as vehicle collision with deer.

One man who has been investigating Bigfoot, UFOs, Thunderbirds, flying dragons, bizarre shape-shifting black panthers, and other high strangeness in western Pennsylvania since he was ten years old in 1965  is Stan Gordon. Stan, now 69 years old, produces the UFO Anomalies Zone website and has produced the award-winning documentary “Kecksburg: The Untold Story,” which is available at his website, www.stangordon.info. Stan is the author of three books: Really Mysterious Pennsylvania; Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook; and Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania’s Unknown Creatures.

Recently Stan told me there has been an increase of Sasquatch sightings in western Pennsylvania, where he lives and investigates, and that the recent March 2017 news about a Sasquatch chasing a deer along side the road in the Idaho national forest reminded Stan of the several cases he has had of Bigfoot Sasquatch creatures walking out in front of vehicles. I asked him about the recent March Sasquatch encounter report in Idaho. Howe 042717 – Sasquatch That Can’t Be Killed with Bullets and Disappear in A Flash of Light.

Stan Gordon, 69, produces the UFO Anomalies Zone website
in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Stan shares his extensive research
and investigations in the award-winning 1998 video documentary,
“Kecksburg: The Untold Story,” and three books — his latest
in 2015 entitled Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania’s Unknown
Creatures. Before that he produced Silent Invasion: The
Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook; and Really Mysterious Pennsylvania.

Stan Gordon, UFO Anomalies Zone website, Greensburg, Pennsylvania: “The woman who had the accident, she claimed, because a bigfoot walked near her car — I’ve been following the news accounts of it. I find it very interesting because when you look at cases we’ve had here in Pennsylvania, I can understand how a situation like that can arise because we’ve had numerous incidents over the years where Bigfoot creatures have walked out in front of vehicles.

Last year, for example, 2016, where there was quite a number of Bigfoot encounters here in Pennsylvania. On one, May the 10th, 2016, in Fayette County — this is an area that has had an extensive long history of Bigfoot sightings.

Fayette and Westmmoreland Counties in southwestern Pennsylvania have been famous
for highly strange phenomena, including Bigfoot/Sasquatch, for decades.

On May 10th, it was a foggy night, and there was a very rain out there in Fayette County. And these two men were riding down a rural road when suddenly this seven-foot-tall, hair-covered creature emerged from the bank on the left side of the road and stops right in front of the car about 20 feet away. And the driver slams on the brakes. The creature is standing there, and it’s staring at them with its glowing red eyes, and they’re in the car looking back at it. And the driver slowly moves the car forward. Both men felt the car make slight contact with the Bigfoot.

At that point, the Bigfoot placed its hands on the front of the vehicle with the bumper against its legs. And soon after, the creature removed its hands and walked into the woods and was not seen again. There have been many cases like this, even in recent years, across Pennsylvania.


Well, that was checked right away. The unfortunate thing was there was a pouring down rain in the area that night, and even evidence was gone, unfortunately.

Bigfoot Encounter Linked to Strange

Globes of Light Low in Trees


Within the week, a number of local bigfoot researchers who heard of the report went up in the area and searched for evidence. And they had been out there many times before because of a history of sightings. And while they found no evidence of Bigfoot, I interviewed some of those fellows who were there that night, and they did see very strange globes of light low in the trees that they could not identify.


I recall investigating the Lowber Monster. It was a seven to eight-foot-tall white hair-covered manlike creature that was seen around Lauber and West Newton and Westmoreland County.

Southeast of Pittsburgh is Lauber and West Newton. Stan Gordon lives in Greensburg
northeast of Lauber. Three other high strangeness towns are Donegal (far right)
and Uniontown and Ohiopyle in the far south.

They were finding large footprints there. And it’s hundreds of Bigfoot encounters now that I’ve investigated in Pennsylvania since that time. For years, I’ve always kept an open mind to what Bigfoot might be, and always felt that Bigfoot probably was some type of unknown primate.

But as these events began to unfold, some very strange aspects of Bigfoot began to come to the attention of my teams and what we began to uncover. There’s so many things that we came up with that were so unusual, which seems to suggest we’re dealing with something that maybe other than a flesh and blood animal.

For example, we would have teams out there 24 hours a day investigating these reports. In some instances, we’d get to a location where a sighting took place, there would be trails, footprints on the ground, but tracks would just suddenly stop and disappear. That’s also happened even in recent years in fresh snows when there was an extensive series of tracks and they would just suddenly stop and disappear.

White-Haired Bigfoot Carrying Sphere

of Light Disappears in Beam of Light

And you brought up about people seeing these globes of light, these small spheres, near Bigfoot. One case, back in September 27 of 1973 north of Pittsburgh in Beaver County, when two women were waiting for a friend to come along to take them somewhere. They see this 8-foot-tall Bigfoot-type creature covered with white hair. They’re watching this thing coming across the road heading for the woods, but what really startled them besides seeing the creature was that in one of its hands it was carrying a small sphere of light.

And the Bigfoot continued on into the woods, and a short time later, this aerial UFO object comes across the sky, and from the object it projects a beam of light down into the woods where the Bigfoot creature ran into the beam.

UFOs and Bigfoot Together

We had incidents with UFOs and Bigfoot seen together. One of the famous cases during that massive wave was October 25, 1973, in Fayette County again. I was notified from a state trooper from the Uniontown Barracks in Fayette County to send a team up there right away because this trooper had just come back from this witnessed UFO landing. And it involved not just a UFO on the ground, but two Bigfoots in the field at the same time.

And there were 15 witnesses that observed this object about 9 PM that evening. It was a bright red sphere about as big as a barn. And it was only about a hundred feet off the ground and slowly descending towards the pasture. The farmer’s son, he sees that it looks like it’s going to land. He and two young boys decide to go up to investigate.

He hurries over to his dad’s farm, grabs a .30-06 and ammunition. Proceeding down the farm road in the distance, the dogs are going crazy — high-pitched whirling sound and baby crying sound. They work their way up to the top of the hill to the pasture. At about 250 feet away, this object’s now on the ground, but now it’s about 100 feet in diameter. It’s a big white dome, like a half a sphere. And it’s making this high-pitched whirling sound, and it’s illuminating the whole area.

And they’re standing there watching this thing, but then their attention is drawn to a barbed wire fence about 75 feet away. Along that fence walking towards them are these two, huge, Bigfoot-like creatures. One about 8-foot-tall, the other’s about 7-foot-tall, long arms. The arms are so long they’re hanging down almost to the ground. Covered with hair, glowing green eyes, making this baby crying sound.

Farmer’s Son Fires Tracer Rounds

and One Bigfoot Tries to Catch A Tracer

The fellow fires a couple tracer rounds like a luminescent trail. The first shot is a tracer. The second shot is a tracer. But when he fires that second tracer is when that largest Bigfoot responds by trying to grab it, and Bigfoot makes this loud crying sound, and the UFO object in the field vanishes. And at that point, the two Bigfoot turn around and start walking back towards the woods.


Yes. And at that exact moment is when that big object in the field just suddenly vanished and disappeared.

Then Farmer’s Son Switches to Bullets

Directly Into Largest Bigfoot Without Injury

The farmer starts shooting live ammunition from this .30-06 into the largest Bigfoot. It appeared to be completely unharmed. The fellows hurried back to the farmhouse, moved the family to a neighbor’s, and called the state police. When the trooper arrived on the scene to investigate, they went up to look around, and the trooper told me the area where the object was on the ground was self-luminescent and glowing. It was 100 feet in diameter. He said if he had a newspaper to read, he could have read from the light coming off the newspaper from the light of the glowing UFO object. It was the case that convinced my team and myself that there was a lot more to the bigfoot phenomena than any of us could have imagined.

After the farmer’s son fired tracers, he began to fire live ammunition into the Bigfoot from the .30-06. Until he passed away, the farmer’s son told me that he’d never forget how that large 8-foot-tall Bigfoot creature with those glowing green eyes kept looking back and staring at him as he’s firing live ammo into it. And he said there was no evidence that it was injured in any way.


Probably side or backs.


No. The Bigfoot just kept moving in a steady pace along the barbed wire fence back towards the woods.

3-D Holographic Projections?


Well, I said a long time ago that there appears to be more than the one origin for the unknown category of UFOs. I’m not suggesting Bigfoot and E.T., but interdimensional. Under certain conditions, not only Bigfoot, but many other cryptids (mysterious, unidentified cryptozoological ), these creatures, whatever they might be and wherever they might originate from, under certain conditions, they seem to come into our physical reality.

Cryptids Hang Around Energy Sources

They have a physical and a non-physical aspect to them. They can look at times completely solid, but not all the time are they solid. They can leave physical evidence, and then they’re gone. They come and they go. In many recent reports, many cryptid encounters where people have close range encounters with Bigfoot, with Thunderbirds, giant birds, with black panthers, all kind of other strange entities, and also commonly with many low-level UFO sightings, they commonly occur around energy sources.

So people see them close to gas lines, gas wells, power plants, high-tension power lines, radio communication towers, railroad tracks, reservoirs. A lot of these UFO reports are low-level, large structured craft, even in daylight. I’ve even had where there was a number of people, and only certain people within that group have seen the object hovering nearby, and other people could NOT see it.

So is it possible that certain people have certain abilities that they perceive this phenomena, or could the phenomena be attracted to certain people under certain conditions?

Down around Apollo, Pennsylvania (northeast of Pittsburgh) back in the 1980s where they were seeing UFOs and strange lights and hearing screams and different people seeing Bigfoot, and then black panther reports kept coming in, this fellow’s getting home late one night. He pulled into his garage, his car’s overheating it. He gets a can of antifreeze. He opens the hood, and he hears a growl.

He turned around, and about 20 feet away there’s this large black cat like a big housecat. And he turned and went back to work, and he said a few seconds later he hears a second growl, and this time the sound is deeper and much louder. And when he turns around, he’s shocked because this cat has now physically grown in size about another foot long.

So the man reacts by throwing the empty antifreeze jug at the creature. And the cat growled fiercely at him as though it was going to attack, growled again as it moved up the road. The witness ran inside and grabbed his pistol and took one shot at the big black cat, not sure if he hit it. At that point, that big cat now appeared to be physically growing in size to that of about a black panther, and he could see it had glowing yellow eyes. And he said this black panther suddenly vanished into thin air and disappeared.”

Continued in Part 2.

Source: https://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=2516&category=Environment


5 thoughts on “Sasquatch That Can’t Be Killed with Bullets and Disappear in A Flash of Light

  1. Could this be a phenomenon like the Black Eyes Children ?
    Enraged Conscious Energy manifest as a Neanderthal type being.

    Physics holds that the universe never forgets.
    Therefore everything has memory.
    Therefore everything has intellectual capacity.
    Therefore nothing can become extinct.
    But also –
    Energy cannot be destroyed – according to physics.
    So ……
    What happens to the conscious energy that is you – when you die ?
    What happens to the conscious energy of any & all tangible things – when the physical matter decays ?
    I am a tree & I behave like a tree – because the laws of the universe have made it so – it is my M.O. my life’s instructions / code.
    What happens to the conscious force that was the tree when it is cut down & burned ?
    Conscious energy – under the right circumstances can manifest / materialist / take form & even to the touch & maybe to harm & destroy & maybe to permeate other consciousness & overpower & instruct to action.

    What does Main Stream Science say about this – anything ?
    It is Physics & Quantum Physics & Chemistry & Biology – after all.

    1. It is a sad day – still – when the leading minds of science know nothing to assist mankind on earth in his quandary.

      1. If the universe never forgets – how is it possible for the scientific fraternity to insist that there is no future ?
        Probabilities = future predictions = future.
        And yet the brilliance that is the scientific knowledge base ….
        Insist that future is impossible.
        We are being had to the tune of billions & trillions of dollars by these wise assii.

  2. Newton’s Law of Motion:
    Newton’s First Law states that an object will remain at rest, or in uniform motion in a straight line, unless acted upon an external force. It may be seen as a statement about inertia, that objects will remain in their state of motion unless a force acts to change that motion …

    Could Sasquatch be “a force” acting upon our inertia –
    Look around – the planet is almost destroyed – our handy work.

    1. “Look around – the planet is almost destroyed – our handy work.”
      I mean no disrespect, but have you thought about getting out into nature more, away from the concrete jungle, It could raise your frequency and spirit enough to see how wonderful this world is. Might have to ignore the doomsday and end times prophecy / agenda, depending on your mindset and influencies.
      Lastly, “our handy work”. Who is our? You are NOT referring to me or anyone I know or have known for near 60 years. So, I am just grateful you mentioned Newton and not Einstein.

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