April 17, 2024

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Supporting White Guilt is Anti-White Gaslighting.



 When an anti-White demands of us, our apology and guilt.

When they insist that we say sorry; for the always exaggerated, or simply fabricated at times, deeds of our ancestors of years past – they are demanding nothing less than our submission to the anti-White agenda which seeks our destruction in part or in whole.

Let us look at the topic of slavery, for an example,

  • – Slavery continues today in all parts of the world – except for Western nations.
  • – The African-American slaves were treated better and lived freer, more pleasant lives than most people on Earth at the time.
  • – The African American slaves were bought by Jewish slave traders from African slave owners, and shipped around the world on Jewish slave ships.
  • – The vast majority of slaves, almost all throughout history have been owned by Jews, including the African-American slaves of America, and the Aboriginals caught and chained up in Australia.
  • – It was Whites and only Whites, who have ever fought against, and outlawed slavery.
  • – Even if it were true that Whites have been responsible for slavery, which we haven’t compared to other peoples, the deeds of past generations do not make guilty the innocent children of today.
  • – Yet – it is only Whites who are demanded to apologize, and say sorry for slavery.
  • – It is only Whites who are expected to pay reparations for slavery.
  • – It is only Whites who are blamed for slavery – even know we, are the one race, the only race, which has ever historically opposed the behavior of slavery.

Clearly this is what is referred to as Anti-White Gaslighting,


manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity.”

There is no reason any Westerner should ever feel guilty or bad about slavery – in fact, all of Westernkind should celebrate the beautiful legacy of anti-slavery which they are connected to and a part of.

We are the people – who oppose slavery.

We are the people – who defend freedom.

The attempt to gaslight Westernkind into self loathing over the topic of slavery is done so, because our victimizers know that it is only us, European folk, who are capable of the deep compassion and empathy required to truly understand why slavery is immoral.

This is done in order to convince Whites to take on anti-White ideas and hate themselves.

This displeasure in one’s self created via the constant anti-White attacks of White guilt, is intended to bring our self esteem down so low – that we simply accept our replacement.
The anti-White attacks of White guilt are meant to make us feel so bad about ourselves, that we do not want to oppose the illegal mass non-European immigration into our ancestral homelands, that is, according to International Law, resulting in our Genocide.

So; we are made to hate ourselves to the point of not wanting to reproduce, then we are victimized with Genocidal policy which we are not meant to stand up against because we are too self loathing. Some among us even become so enveloped in the anti-Whitism that they begin to actively work towards theirs, and our destruction.

International Law states the following in regards to the promotion of anti-White White guilt, which is intended to quell our resistance to our Genocide,

“Article II

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm(anti-White, White guilt) to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life(mass non-European Immigration) calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures(anti-White, White guilt) intended to prevent births within the group;”

By Raymond Foster

15 thoughts on “Supporting White Guilt is Anti-White Gaslighting.

  1. What Is ……….. THE JEWS DID IT ………. BULLSHIT ALL ABOUT ??

    Is this another one of the sing songs that go like this

    “Look what they are doing to us”
    “Look what they are doing to us”
    “Help us” !!
    “Help us” !!
    “Give generously”

    Sung on a regular basis by Jewish propagandists to disguise & draw attention ??

    Dear God in heaven how I am sick of the ignorants that believes that we cannot see through that shit.

  2. Did you think I would love you
    I have a love
    A love so good
    To good to lose
    It was a fling
    A day dream
    Just a flight
    For my true love
    My only love
    My queen, my princess
    My heart
    For I have a love
    A true love
    For she loves me well
    A lifetime of love
    Sorry for you
    You should have known
    Did you not see it
    In my eyes

    Song – ABBA – Angel Eyes – Youtube

  3. Nighty byes, nighty byes
    My sweet old man
    Nighty byes, byes
    My darling old one
    In my arms I rock you
    With my arms I caress you
    A chocolate in your mouth
    Your favorite chocolate
    Your favorite kind
    I made it with my own hands
    Nighty byes, nighty byes
    My dear old man
    Nighty byes, nighty byes
    My darling sweet one
    In my arms I hold you
    My arms enfold you
    A kiss on your big bald head
    My how you’ve aged
    How the wrinkles have grown
    Oh, your belly has spread
    I am slim, I am gorgeous
    I am good in bed
    A young man has come
    A handsome one
    He courted me when your out
    He’s slim, he’s nice
    A full head of black hair
    And, I like him best
    You really do need a rest old man
    To sleep you must go
    The money I have
    Off to sleep you go.

    Q: What is the Appropriate Time to Cash in Our Chips ??
    A: When those around you begins to eye off the proceeds & salivate.
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  4. Christian Chuli Chengxu / Christian Handler & his sidekick .. Godzilla meet Tjanamurra & his Mob.
    A story about Chinese / Australian relations.
    China reaching out to the true owners of the illegally occupied lands of Australia ..
    Fostering good relations to take us all into the future.

    1. R Kingsley Davis – Barrister – has a photographic memory, audio / visual.
      He would listen to classical music on the car radio as he drove & memorise the music.
      I was the only one to pick up on it.
      He is the man I dated 4 a while .. went to the Nova with .. who turned up late &/so we had to wait for the 2nd screening .. spent time at Readings & coffee .. where the beggars appeared & the wealthy man vanished .. magic happened.

      1. His 1st cousin – a female owns the Nova picture theatre – Raymond Kingsley Davis.
        I don’t kiss & tell so this is okay.

    2. Cristian Chuli Chengxu / Handler / 3XC .. 13 years.
      *father: Geneticist stationed in Hong Kong .. who cannot stop tinkering .. believing that the fetus of his unborn son was in need of adjustment .. created a geek-freak
      *mother: yet to be determined
      Tjanamurra Amijangala / Tjana / TJ-A ..14 years.
      *father: Aboriginal Shaman Healer .. NSW .. bloodline .. further .. yet to be determined
      * mother .. origins .. bloodline .. yet to be determined

      After Handler .. proudly explained how he had found the egg .. Xrayed, modified, fertilized & hatched it .. the raised up & trained his pet Godzilla.
      At the insistence of the other boys .. Tjana & Handler climb on to Godzilla & fly outback to the tailings dam so that Handler can have a look at the .. egg (to be modified & fertilized) / remains (to be cloned & modified)
      Which he will have to take back to Hong Kong to his fathers laboratory .. situated on the 34th floor of their apartment.

      1. Tjana .. a chip off the old block who/& is proficient with aboriginal culture .. will have to accompany Handler …………………

        1. Handlers father (though a scientist) is also deeply superstitious .. or is he ??
          Seven is a number of completeness & perfection .. both physical & spiritual.
          It derives much of its meaning from being tied directly to God’s creation of all things ….
          The number seven isa highly spiritual number that is associated with intuition, mysticism, inner wisdom & a deep inward knowing
          Encountering angel number 7 over & over again meant that posative things are flowing towards you …….

  5. She was 14 .. a virgin .. live with her gran outside town .. she washed she went barefoot because her feet got to hot & suffocated in flip flops .. Lebanon ..
    You were 19-20 .. the son of a merchant .. she took your fancy & you hers .. touching was prohibited so she sat with her feet on yours .. she got pregnant, but lost the child you married your fat cousin as expected .. you snuck out one night to find her dancing in the moonlight .. she in her ball gown & you her prince charming .. you wanted each other & bingo .. she would follow you about at a distance & wonder what she saw in you you did not wash properly even .. you followed her & she pretended not to know.

  6. Thank you for daring to speak up against this neo-racism – the scourge of our day.
    What you describe above is much of what the Nazis did, right?

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