April 20, 2024

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5 thoughts on “The Deliberate Burning of Australia

  1. And ……. only a few minutes into the video.
    Haven’t the alternative media & lonewolves like the rest of us
    Haven’t we been warning about the psychopath element
    The bent & twisted sicko that has control of the
    ………………………..MONEY aspect
    ………………………..that CONTROL the WORLD
    Haven’t we SKANKS
    …………..JUST BEEN SPOILING IT FOR THEM to the best of our ability
    Because if ALTERNATIVE MEDIA did not exist
    …………..and DUMB BITCHES like me who like shooting their mouths off
    *Well if the shoe fits hey !!
    We would all be sitting around scratching our heads in wonderment
    I wonder what Mr. Goody2shoes .. Scott Morrison has got to say for all this ??

  2. 26:12 into the video … I agree with everything .. only that ….
    China owns Australia
    China is the villain here
    China is making all the profit
    China commands Australian politicians


    I find it very difficult to believe that .. we are not in play on this scene .. by we I mean the GREED LITTLE BASTARDS that permeate Australian .. Corporate / Banking / Financial Investment / Property Investment … & the rest.


    If we do not give credit to our own rubbish playing a big role & scamming off profits we are …. as ever THEIR GULLIBLE STOOGES.

    Look At Our Malcolm Turnbull & his good wife Lucy … in it up to their necks … humping away with BigPharma for all they were worth with compulsory all manner of pharmaceutical products .. at our expense.

  3. Talking about Julia Gillard.

    Dozens of police & security guards have rescued Julia Gillard & Tony Abbott from a group of angry protestors who had surrounded a Canberra restaurant.

    I watched this video footage .. to see Julia Gillard & a security guard attempt to .. run the gauntlet … she slipped & the guard caught her … this was stupidity at its best … Gillard could have actually fallen & been injured.
    It most obviously was a put on show & there have to be clown for a 3 ring circus & there was .. in the guise of Tony Abbott.
    But then Julia Gillard is prone to falling … she fell when she visited China ….DRUNK they said … so she might have had a few at the restaurant … who knows ??
    I remember Julia Gillard best for her appearance on TV .. the idiot box .. where she looked straight into the camera at us all & said
    \”Under my government there will be no CARBON TAX\”
    … the very next moment she went off with Bob Brown & BINGO BONGO we were lumbered with a CARBON TAX.

    Why are we so gullible ??
    Why ??
    What is wrong with us ??

    1. I did a quick character analysis of Julia Gillard via Tarot .. Numerology .. Astrology ..
      She is encompassed by a continuously spinning vortex
      Her biggest challenge it to maintain equilibrium
      Definitely not leadership material .
      I put it on Mark Bublick’s … Ch 31 Mark My Words.
      What has happened to Mark … I liked him …I did not always agree with him … but I definitely liked him.

      I also did a Happy Birthday to actor Martin Shaw … reading … I am very proud of that one & it was sent to him with all my love & admiration by them

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