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Technology, Awareness And Shattering The Mirror of illusion With Arno Pienaar

Arno Pienaar

On this podcast i continue with researcher, Arno Pienaar as we go deeper to break down the system that’s being built around us.

Arno talks about fear, manipulation, technology, AI and how to regain our Sovereignty in the game of life. We also discuss the ramifications of the lawsuit facing google, facebook & neuralink.”

Arno Pienaar, age 28, has been a pioneer in the conscious awakening movement for almost ten years. His writings since the early age of nineteen has shifted perspectives for thousands of readers.

Born in South Africa, his search for gems of nature has taken him tens of thousands of kilometres throughout all of Southern Africa.

Currently residing in Malawi in the Great African Rift Valley, Arno is now establishing platforms to allow people to experience the gifts of nature in safety and security.

Through Wild Camping Adventures Arno is establishing therapeutical nature tours for the minimalist, to various unspoilt locations near and around the Great Lake of Malawi.

Contact details: Facebook: Deprogram the matrix

Email: [email protected]

Malawi Tours: [email protected]

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