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The Courier Mail chucks a tantrum over ‘conspiracy’ comments

The pathetic Courier Mail chucks a tantrum because they can’t stand being questioned


HILARIOUS: Queensland’s ‘premiere’ newspaper lashes out at “conspiracy theorists” over comments left on a Facebook post.


It has been a very eventful morning in Facebook land.

Earlier this morning, Queensland’s largest news platform The Courier Mail posted up the following on their official page:


The post refers to a recent chat containing personalities in the alternative/truther/conspiracy circles here in Australia, which included a drop in by sporting legends Pat Cash and Kelly Slater.

They are not the first platform to run with this story, but they are the first to kick up a storm over the response.

In a surprising turn of events after a sway of comments criticising the platform for their bias and condemnation of our sporting legends, The Courier Mail decided to respond to the post.

In true juvenile fashion, the publication left a comment taking aim at “conspiracy theorists” for their beliefs:


No, this is not some form of photoshop or a fake account.

This is an established media platform with over 600k followers on their page chucking a tantrum.

A tantrum because their false programming has well-and-truly worn off.

The absolute state of media in this country demonstrated in one post.

It also shows the clear agenda that outlets like this have when it comes to covering important issues.


This comment is especially rare considering most MSM posts are heavily moderated/shut off these days on Facebook.

It seems one of the only times they left them open.. it backfired completely on them.

So what was causing all the fuss? Why was The Courier Mail so triggered?

Take a look at just some of the top comments out of hundreds left on the post below:

How long will it be before The Courier Mail deletes their comment, or post all together?

If you need any more reason to understand just why Australia needs alternative media, it is this right here.

The traditional role of the media is to reinforce the popular opinion of the masses.

However, these corporate machines have attempt to create the opinion they purport to reinforce for decades.

But the people aren’t buying it anymore and they can’t stand it.

As they are all bought-and-paid for, pushing false narratives, they simply can’t adjust with the times to fix this.

Thus, as the dinosaur mainstream media continues to decline, all they can do it lash out.

What a time to be alive.

And, oh yeah, by the way Courier Mail: The conspiracy theorists were right all along.

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