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Did ASIO Spy on Covid Critics?


South Australia Senator Alex Antic asked the director-general of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) whether authorities spied on critics of the government’s response to COVID-19.

The question came in light of recent reports that the British army spied on lockdown critics, including high-profile journalists during the ‘pandemic.’

When asked if Australian authorities adopted similar tactics, the director-general of ASIO said he would neither confirm nor deny.

“I wouldn’t comment on what we find in terms of who’s spying on who, other than saying, we do find a number of foreign intelligent services or agents and proxies of foreign powers who do spy on Australians here in Australia. And when we find those matters we deal with them as we find them,” he said.

“That sounds like a yes to me,” replied the Senator.

“No, I’m not making any comment,” the director-general said. “I’m neither confirming nor denying.”


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