December 6, 2023

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The New Christian Terrorists? A Christian Response


The Queensland Police have decided to name the shooting of QLD officers in December, an act of religious terrorism — specifically blaming Premillennialism.

“What we’ve been able to glean …is that the Train family members subscribed to what we would call a broad Christian fundamentalist belief system, known as premillennialism,” Deputy Police Commissioner Tracy Linford said.

She claimed the ambush is “connected to the Christian extremist ideology”, even though they will never be able to show an ideological connection between Premillennialism and violence to police officers.

A Christian response:

Read: QLD Police Say Shooting Was an Act of “Christian Terrorism” Influenced by Premillennialism

1. We don’t expect unbelievers (especially in the government) to be accurate, or even honest, in their portrayal of Christian theology.

2. If you’re surprised that the Aussie government would risk alienating all Premillennialists in their broad stroke of idiocy, (which includes many Baptists, most Pentecostals, and plenty of non-denominationals), you haven’t been paying attention. They don’t mind calling any historic Christian doctrine “conspiratorial”.

3. They would be very happy if Christians learned to hold what they believe privately, at risk of being misunderstood. Don’t. Believe it loudly, proclaim truth; they are the ones that will fade into history, the Word of the Lord prevails.

4. Remember that Christians have been misrepresented as everything from atheists (for not believing in the Roman gods), enemies of the state (for believing that Christ was Lord over Caesar), cannibals (for eating the flesh and blood of Jesus), and worse. Now they keep piling on the term “extremists”.

5. Don’t cower behind other labels, saying “I’m not pre-mil*.” It won’t make a difference in the cultural moment we’re in.

6. Keep preaching the Gospel, wearing your convictions and principles on your sleeve, praying for revival, and serving in a Biblical Church. We are the salt, and the Earth will be salted by us. Who cares what the coppers think, anyway.


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