March 4, 2024

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On today’s podcast i was joined by researcher and author Johnny” Cirucci to chat about his incredible work and books that dive deep into the real power structures and control of our world by Vatican Freemasons

This is part one of a bunch of podcasts we will be doing as we connect the dots and pour through Johnny’s extensive research and massive books 

NAME CHANGE: Yes, Giovanni “Johnny” Cirucci is my legal name but it wasn’t always so.  Here’s the story.

Giovanni Augustino “Johnny” Cirucci was born into a fourth generation immigrant Italian Roman Catholic family.

His upbringing was typical: an average student and a decent athlete who was sent through multiple Catholic schools.

Johnny’s family was “conservative” and patriotic and this led him to choose the military for a career.

He began with a Navy prep school and Marine Corps-option ROTC in college but decided to leave school without graduating in favor of enlisting in the Marine Corps.

Johnny did not complete boot camp and received a “failure to train” discharge.  He returned home to divorced parents.  It was a very low point in his life.

Johnny worked as a utility installer for a couple of years and this experience encouraged him to return to school and finish his degree.

He spent many months attempting to get a waiver for his separation and return to the Marine Corps but to no avail.

While at his second iteration of college, Johnny had a conversion experience and became a Born Again Christian.

It was shortly after this that Johnny achieved a waiver to return to the Marine Corps and did this at 27 years of age.  He graduated from Paris Island with honors such as the Board of Governors Marine Corps Association Marksmanship Award.

Johnny asked his Chain of Command to send him through officer training (as he had also finally achieved his Bachelor’s Degree) and was denied due his age.

Johnny got out after four years and shortly after that 9/11 took place.

Being on “Inactive Ready Reserve” Johnny volunteered to come back but was told the IRR wasn’t being activated.

He then enlisted in the Army and was sent through Army officer training at Fort Benning.

Although Johnny excelled in leadership1 he found himself unfulfilled in his service.

A tour in Iraq confirmed it.

It was apparent that, the higher a soldier or Marine got in career progression, the more compromised they became.

Johnny was disgusted with what he experienced in Iraq.  The United States military presence was one of chaos and destruction; nothing was beneficial.

When Johnny got back he continued to distinguish himself as a leader, now working as a liaison at Division Headquarters, but the writing was on the wall.  He was doing a Major’s job but being kept as a Captain.

Johnny continuously gravitated towards “conservative” media throughout his life but became disenfranchised with it when well-known personalities pulled their punches on Barack Obama’s mysterious rise to power, the corrupting influence of money in all fields and the fraud behind the “Global War on Terror”.

In 2011, his boss secretly confirmed for him what he already suspected: the “covert raid” that “killed Osama bin Laden” was propaganda disinformation made possible by the United States military in general and Special Operations in specific.

Johnny knew it was time to get out.

Jobs seemed to be plentiful but Johnny just couldn’t find his niche.

Only one subject motivated him—obsessively so: getting to the truth.

He had been writing and blogging since college and some of his articles were picked up by alternative websites.

Johnny began investigating “the Illuminati” and was surprised to find links pointing back towards the Vatican.  An article he wrote on the subject was picked up by Before It’s News and did well enough to motivate Johnny to finally write his first book: Illuminati Unmasked.  He’s been writing books, researching and investigating ever since.

Johnny has been interviewed over 150 times.  Below is a summary, scroll to the bottom for the actual interview…if it’s still allowed up!

Click on the book image below to check out the new book, The Disciples of Ra!: The shocking truth about “medicine”, viruses and vaccines.


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Johnny has also interviewed a fascinating list of people:2

His Resistance Rising podcast neared 200 episodes and can also be found (in video format), on Odysee.

Johnny’s not a big fan of “debating” but it does have its merits.  Whom Johnny has debated:


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Canary Cry Radio

Johnny Cirucci Website 

Johnny Cirucci Books 

Johnny Cirucci Odysee 

Click on the image above to check out the books


  1. For the few years I have known Johnny I have gained a lot of knowledge from him, sometimes we think we know it all only to find out we know nothing, every bit of knowledge is sacred in this world full of liars, the more I find out the more I distrust people and their motives, when people want to know me I wonder \”what\’s their agenda\” as I have exposed people who are scum and I have had death threats to shut up and I was a loose canon, but threats only anger me and make me more determined to tell the truth and I have lost friends and family as nobody wants to be to close to someone who has been told they will have their head blown off so I know that telling the truth comes at a price, you will get called a liar working for intelligence agencies anything at all they will slander you with, Johnny has integrity and that\’s a lot more than most have, money can\’t buy integrity and Johnny\’s lack of it and his struggle should prove that or he would be sitting on a pile of it by now, people don\’t understand that he is a target as is anyone who has the balls to expose the Catholic church and the cult that they run, you don\’t hear many if any truthers exposing the head of the snake the Jesuits, these demonic bstrds want to silence him and only by Johnny fighting to make himself heard or get a fkn interview so that he won\’t quietly disappear, his sheer determination and his willingness to stand and fight for the truth to expose the evil of this world wide paedophile ring, he deserves recognition, not medals for being a military man as this is a battle against the devil himself and someday he will get his reward as being a soldier on the side of truth doesn\’t get any braver and it\’s a non stop battle against evil. I have the utmost respect for Johnny and would stand with him through any battle as he is sincere and he will keep getting up know matter who tries to keep him down, that\’s a WARRIOR ☘️☘️☘️☘️🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

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