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How many times have you witnessed this while connecting or chatting with friends, family, work colleagues or just general people. 

I have witnessed this myself many times and sometimes you will notice their eyes roll upwards or they will just give you like a sort of sarcastic, dull stare.

I have noticed many times that they will become agitated or even aggressive as a kind of protection mechanism to what you are bringing up because it goes directly against or challenges their inbuilt “Corporate Media”narrative, for example.

When someones belief systems are challenged you can witness the Agent Smith effect with Mr Smith standing in for the person you were talking with to passionately defend the Matrix like system. 

This means that many people will actually stand up for and defend the very system that is controlling them as a sort of pre programmed response. 

The Mr Smith effect is truly a modern day version of “Stockholm Syndrome” 

Awareness is the key!!






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