April 12, 2024

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“Millions of healthy people queued up for a jab they didn’t require…”


In the UK, the mainstream media is at last reporting on the Covid-19 vaccine debacle, see for example Oxford AstraZeneca Covid jab was ‘defective’, claims landmark legal case in the UK Telegraph, a report also partly accessible on The Daily Sceptic.

Another Telegraph article by Allison Pearson, also partly accessible on The Daily Sceptic, comments on the individual case of Lisa Shaw, a young woman who “went eagerly to get her Covid jab so she could “hug my mam”. Lisa Shaw subsequently died on 21 May 2021 from complications arising from the AstraZeneca Covid vaccination.

Allison Pearson notes “Millions of healthy people queued up for a jab they didn’t require…”

In fact, millions of healthy people were coerced into having a jab they didn’t require. In Australia it’s likely millions of healthy people were mandated to have a jab they didn’t require to maintain their livelihoods and participate in society.

People have been told a tissue of fear-mongering lies about ‘Covid’ to terrorise them into having these worse than useless medical interventions.

When is the penny going to drop?

No-one has given VALID VOLUNTARY INFORMED CONSENT to these medical interventions.

Are the lawyers in the AstraZeneca cases in the UK considering this angle? Specifically that practitioners did not properly inform people about their, and their children’s, risk of disease so they could make a properly informed decision about this medical intervention.

The practitioners inserted the needle and the contents – why did they do this?

In Australia, practitioners knew there were people before them under coercion, who had been mandated to have the jabs to maintain their livelihoods, and to participate in society – the practitioners should have refused to collaborate with mandated medical interventions. But they went along with it, because they were threatened by their regulator, AHPRA, that they would face regulatory action if they undermined the government’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout. See my email to AHPRA: Reckless disregard for voluntary informed consent – the AHPRA Position Statement 9 March 2021, 31 July 2023.

It was the Covid-19 vaccination mandate for residential aged care workers, initiated in June 2021, that broke the principle of voluntary informed consent for Covid-19 vaccination in Australia.

This precipitated a cascade of vaccination mandates around the country. This occurred when Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly and the other registered medical practitioners on the AHPPC, capitulated to then Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Premiers and Chief Ministers in National Cabinet’s demand that compulsory vaccination for residential aged care workers be imposed, that these workers would lose their livelihoods if they refused to comply – No Jab, No Job.

I made a complaint to AHPRA about Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly’s trashing of voluntary informed consent, see: Notification to AHPRA re medical practitioner Paul Kelly, Chief Medical Officer of Australia and Chair of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), 16 June 2023.

AHPRA refuse to deal with my notification about Paul Kelly as they say they cannot deal with ‘policy’ issues, even though AHPRA was the gatekeeper for the government’s taxpayer-funded Covid-19 vaccination policy and vaccine rollout, via the dictates of the AHPRA Position Statement 9 March 2021.

It is unbloodybelievable what happened in Australia. By imposing vaccination mandates, the state demanded ownership of the bodies of millions of people, personal autonomy and bodily integrity was trashed for millions of people cornered by mandates.

Scott Morrison, the Premiers and Chief Ministers in National Cabinet, the Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly, the AHPPC, and the practitioners who collaborated in this crime destroyed voluntary informed consent in Australia.

Most people are still clueless about what has taken place here…mandated medical interventions in a supposed ‘free country’.

And there are people who are still mandated to submit to the jabs to keep their livelihoods, e.g. medical workers in the public system in South Australia. The irony is that medical workers capitulation to Covid-19 vaccination mandates for themselves put everyone at risk of vaccination mandates.

There must be no vaccination mandates for anyone, voluntary informed consent is sacrosanct for everyone.

It’s way past time for accountability…

Source: https://elizabethhart.substack.com/p/millions-of-healthy-people-queued

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