April 22, 2024

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The TPP and How it Can be Stopped



By General Maddox. 

There are Twelve Asia-Pacific nations currently negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) which is said to be the largest Free Trade Agreement in the world, when its finalized that is. The main concern is the lack of transparency. Citizens of the countries involved, journalists, not even your own elected government representatives are allowed to take part let alone see the documents of the trade deal. Of the very few that have, they’re made to sign confidentiality agreements, no copies can be made, they have a time limit to view them, no phones or recording devices can be taken into the room and no notes can be taken. Yes, it’s that secret. 

Bits and pieces of the TPP agreement that have managed to be leaked to the public via outlets like Wikileaks from insiders show intended changes to intellectual property rights and patent law that only benefit large corporations rather than consumers. And that’s exactly what this and most of the trade deals are all about… corporate greed. 

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