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Toddlers to be taught about cross-dressing in controversial sex ed program

 Dr Anne Kennedy, chairperson of Community Childcare Victoria, said the material would be handled sensitively.

 Note, Unless there is a revolution in this country, i would urge parents to pull all their kids out of schools, childcare centres, kindergartens & find other alternatives. This sick, perverted & completely organised agenda is now in full swing & young children’s minds are on the gay chopping block. This is not only a disgusting & perverted war on our children, it’s also a vicious & calculated war on the family unit. The perverts & pedophiles in our government & education system, along with their gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender army of crackpots are on the march & they are coming for your kids. This sick agenda & assault on children is being implemented under, anti-bullying programs in schools so it’s the perfect cover indeed. 
TODDLERS will be taught about sex, sexuality and cross-dressing in a controversial national program being rolled out at childcare centres and kindergartens next month.

Educators will be encouraged to use dress-ups to explain cross-dressing to kids and may even take group tours of the opposite sex’s toilets as part of the Start Early initiative.

Teachers will use material provided by Early Childhood Australia, and books such as the book Children’s Sexual Development and Behaviour: Pants Aren’t Rude, by Pam Linke.

Suggestions in the book include teaching about sexuality in a positive way as a healthy part of life, ensuring children aren’t forced to kiss anyone they don’t want to and letting children know that “all parts of their body are good”.

Early Childhood Australia spokeswoman Clare McHugh said the program would reduce domestic violence because “rigid views on gender” were associated with violence and domestic violence.

“Children are sexual beings and it’s a strong part of their identity, and it is linked to their values and respect,” she said.

 Ms McHugh said the program was designed to “use everyday moments and interactions” to teach respect, ability and making choices.

“The underlying message is to value difference and be open to difference,” she said.

Dr Anne Kennedy, chairperson of Community Childcare Victoria, said there would be a “wide take-up” in Victoria.

She said the material would be handled sensitively and parents would be consulted.

“Educators deal with these issues all the time and the resources help them do better in the way they respond — in a developmentally and culturally responsible way,” she said.

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4 thoughts on “Toddlers to be taught about cross-dressing in controversial sex ed program

  1. “visiting opposit sex toilets”

    In our house there was only one toilet
    In our house dad used the toilet
    Me, mum used the toilet
    Eldest brother used the toilet
    Eldest sister used the toilet …. Harry’s mum.
    Second eldest sister used the toilet
    Second eldest brother used the toilet …. Luke & Lauras dad.
    Baby of the family Jojo used the toilet
    Aunty Mary used the toilet
    Nanny ( my mother & their grandmother ) used the toilet
    Bill Balentine, Jojo’s friend used the toilet …. he was at our house a lot because of Jojo
    I have a lovely photo of Bill & Jojo when they were 4 years old, we were all at Curtain Square, North Carlton playing, both boys needed to pee, so they pulled out their willy’s & peed through the cyclone fence & I took the picture …. they are both 40 years old now.
    Kids know what a toilet is, what a toilet is for, what to do in a toilet, that everyone has to wee & poo, so everyone in the world wee’s & poo’s.
    They have seen dogs & cats wee & poo too.
    School is already so boring …. our poor children at the hands of these prudes who have not got a clue what kids know & do not know.
    This is a good one.
    Potty training Peter so he will know how to use the toilet at Christ Church Pre School, Punt Road South Yarra. Maybe beacuse he was stressed due to all the demands of preparing to go to pre-school, but Peter was afraid to sit on the toilet & do poo’s.
    A sure sign of needing to do poo’s is ‘breaking wind’ after dinner.
    So David, Alice , Tory & I keep an eye on him after dinner & which ever one of us caught him farting signaled me & I marched him to the downstairs toot, mummy purchased a ladder & set set up especially.
    Peter pooed one poo & said “I’ve finished” I looked & said it had to be 3 poo’s.
    We sat in the hall outside the toilet encouraging & praising him each time ….and he was potty trained in no time.

  2. The boys went to Grimwade, I would pick up the girls from Merton Hall & we would go get the boys.In Autumn, there were lots of Autumn leaves, I would park the MERC at the end of the street & we would walk up. On our to the car, we chased eachother around, throwing Autumn leaves at each other & screamed & shouted.
    Other Parents & children watched us in delight, but they dared not have a go themselves.
    We had such a lovely time.

  3. Grimwade – David was being teased & hit by a kid with red hair.
    So one day he decided to hit him back, alas for David, a teacher just happened around the corner of the building & caught poor David & David got into trouble.
    When I went to pick up the boys, a sad & unjustly treated David told me what had happened, to which I replied “it was your fault” & his poor little heart fell to the ground, “next time make sure that there are no teachers around, and then hit him” and we were all happy again.
    And indeed, some time after, the stupid red haired boy actually, & accidently, ran into David’s out streched fist one afternoon.

  4. I am 65 years old.
    When I was about 10 & my sister was 5, we were visiting at some distant cousins house, both boys, there was anothe girl there too. They had a 2 story house with an outside toilet, an outside laundry & an outside bathroom, as was everyone elses.
    Us kids were sent out into the backyard to play, while the grownups talked. The older boy, told us that on the weekend, after they were sent to bed, their mother & father had a bath together & they would sneak out & listen to them. And he told us what kind of funny sounds they made & why they made them. He was about 10 year old also.

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