March 2, 2024

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Trump’s Easter Message: “Jews Rule! Happy Passover!”

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today EditorIs the President being held hostage? Was this video a cry for help? Or did his captors issue it to send a message: “We have completed our coup. We are in total control. Do not even think of f*ing with us!”

Watch the above video again. What is wrong with this picture?

Look, I LOVE religious minorities, okay? I’m Muslim myself. I love my Jewish friends. I used to practice Buddhist meditation. And I still revere the wisdom of the Tao and the Upanishads and the many wonderful Native American spiritual traditions.

But let’s face it: The United States of America is a Christian-majority country. Today is Easter. The President’s holiday message should be: “Happy Easter!”

Instead, the President of the (Christian-majority) United States has issued an Easter message that looks more like a hostage video. A professor at a major university who saw it emailed me:

Oh my God. Talk about the demeanor of a mind-controlled zombie…..

Instead of saying “happy Easter” and talking about Jesus, and maybe throwing in some eggs and rabbits as a sop to Christian-pagan syncretism, Trump begins by rambling on and on about how wonderful Jews are. He couldn’t make it any clearer that his main holiday message is “Happy Passover!” When he finally gets around to mentioning Easter, it’s almost an afterthought.

The video has abysmally poor production values, considering that it’s coming from the White House. It’s too dark.  And Trump looks extremely low-energy –like a kidnapping victim in a hostage video with someone offscreen pointing a gun at his head or a knife at his foreskin.

The weirdest holiday video ever made by any sitting president?

Trump’s “Passover video” reminds me of the nationally televised speech by George W. Bush in early December, 2001. Bush gave that speech, in which he monotonously intoned the shibboleths of the Israeli-fabricated “War on Terror,”  in front of an Israeli flag, not an American one.

What makes Trump’s “f*ck Easter, Happy Passover” message even weirder is the whole history between Jews and Christians. (As a Muslim, I am able to get some distance and objectivity on this very sensitive issue.)

Until around 1800, when the Rothschilds took over the financial centers of Western Europe and imposed their ideological hegemony on the West, Christians took it for granted that “the Jews killed Jesus,” as the Gospels tell us in so many words. Jews, for their part, evinced extreme loathing for Christianity in general and Jesus in particular. The Christian was “Esau,” the naive, hairy, primitive fool who needed to be swindled out of his birthright by Jacob “the heel” AKA “Israel.” And Jesus, according to the Talmud, is being boiled eternally in excrement.

Maybe it’s a good thing that the Jews and Christians are getting over their horrible history of mutual hatred. But it strikes me as odd that the way they’re getting over it is through a stealth Jewish-Zionist takeover of the West, accompanied by what can only be called the annihilation of traditional Christianity. Trump’s Easter message, coming in the wake of the ouster of Steve Bannon (Catholic) and elevation of Jared Kushner (Kosher Nostra) is a sign of the times.



19 thoughts on “Trump’s Easter Message: “Jews Rule! Happy Passover!”

          1. You know very well that someone who is behaving in a dangers manner is a risk to themselves & those around them .. such behavior must be contained for the well being of everyone concerned .. that is why we have a police force.
            Several years ago a 14 year old boy in the suburb of Broadmeadows was shot dead by police .. he was off his head & waving a knife around .. he may have been on a bad drug trip .. &/ or suffering mental illness .. his girlfriend may have left him & he was off his head .. he was definitely a danger to himself & others .. but there was no need to shoot to kill.
            Shit happens to all of us .. but for the grace of God it could be you man.
            Bible bashing is not applicable here JAGG.

        1. JAGG
          These are pic’s of attractive women .. is all.

          Do you seriously expect me to believe that you are happy to go back in time & live under the more draconian conditions of serfdom & God only knows what else.
          Sorry but you don’t sound you would agree to the balance of power.

          1. I do not seriously expect you to believe anything other than cultural marxism is destroying the country, just as Billy Hughes warned us 100 years ago. I simply displayed how far we have fallen that this young women is so mind raped to express herself in a manner that has a much larger man punched her to the ground.

      1. Hi JAGG,
        It is not that we agree .. but that there is not one shred of evidence that it was true .. no where.

        I need to say that I believe in miracles .. Quantum Physics tells me that all things are possible .. the scientific flunkies do not know from shit .. that the Red Sea could part .. or be parted by conscious thought is fine by me .. it is when we can’t yet explain it .. that it is thrown in the miracle basket till further notice.

        Abe Foxman .. born to Polish Jewish parents in Baranovichi Poland .. which was incorporated into the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic .. the town is in Belarus now.

        DEFINITION: Wiki .. White People is a racial classification specifier, used for people of Europid ancestry .. the contemporary usage of White People or White Race .. mainly European populations as opposed to people of colored skin.
        I am from former Yugoslavia / Slovenia .. I am white man.
        The blessed little Italian Mario Draghi is white man .. Donald Trump’s origins are from Europe white man also.

        Abe Foxman is 76 years old & is not right in the head .. it happens .. he may have had an unhappy life.

        But .. aren’t there non Jews .. fallen Jews .. & then us .. the animals / beasts ? .. according to Jews of course.

        1. You want to refine White Man further .. blond hair & blue eyes .. this is tricky as people from all races & including dark skinned races can be born with brilliant blue or green eyes & mostly red hair but also fair .. then there is the albino trate ..
          DIVERSITY in the gene pool is why mankind has survived billions of harsh years .. this is why we are here today & not as a result of one other blessed thing more.

          1. ABC 774 3LO – How is that diversity working out in some of Melbourne’s suburbs, you safe on the street, day or night??

        2. This has nothing to do with foxman, he was but quoting a rabbi from the 50’s. It is about the message, the intention and the agenda. The counter culture of the 60’s was possibly more successful at smashing families than could have been imagined.

          1. Hi JAGG,
            reg:- Foxman & the rabbi from the 50’s .. they are on in the same .. the message obviously came from elements that were seriously cracked in the head .. therefore we must all be cautious .. once men in white coats & the humble straight jacket served a vital function in society .. today we are at the mercy of the very element that is infirm of the mind.
            May God have mercy upon us.

            No one is safe on the streets .. day or night .. nor are we safe & at the hands of those who purport to love us & in our very own homes.
            The talking of a thing & the telling of a thing can bring about the understanding of a thing .. knowledge & understanding comes when were talk & listen to each other.
            I listened to ABC day & night for years ..
            The science show with Robin Williams
            The health report Monday morning with Norman Swan
            Phillip Adams the staunch atheist .. he spoke to some of the best mind in the world & I listened.
            Music with Lucky Oceans
            The Book Reading
            & on & on it went.
            I was ready to give up on the Catholic Church ..
            I was driving home .. 774 3LO .. Terry Lane interviewing Morris West .. I listened.
            that night I went out to dinner .. the interview was repeated .. as I was driving home from dinner & I sat in the car & listened .. Morris West said “don’t give up on the church.”
            What are the odds .. it is like being haunted.
            Giving up on something that has been a part of your whole life & belief system is a big leap away from all things familiar to you.
            I had to think .. Morris was so compelling .. I decided to hang in there for a bit longer & see if things would get better .. may Catholics were at the same junction as me at that particular time.

      2. The Manchurian Candidate ..’s:

        What if Trump is a patsy
        What if he has been set up to bring about .. the opening & unleashing of devastation from Pandora’s Box & even WWIII

        Donald Trump, Republican Candidate .. VOTED into office by The American People in a free & democratic election.


        Would be the catch cry as the VESTED INTERESTS collected the resulting booty.



        As for His Excellency Proudly Captain Dreadful Bibi Netanyahu ..
        Realistically .. the bankers & other vested interests will wash their hands clean with his blood.
        Isn’t this man going to be blamed for all the ill’s that Israel has brought upon the world ?
        Stooge No 1: in the whole world H.E.P.C.D.B. Netanyahu.

        Maybe the plan is to have Trump & Netanyahu fall on each others swords in some macabre duel.
        Or 2 assassinations one after the other ?
        It’s never been done before.
        No it has .. the Kennedy’s

        1. I never intended to imply that Trump was a master, simply that he has always been on the team and sprouted the right words to woo the poor easily manipulated voters. But Trump and Bibi are buddies, well one is the slave and one is the master.

          1. You didn’t imply it ..
            It is hard to accept that anyone can be so devoid of all intellectual capacity .. it confounds our sensibilities .. that’s all.

      3. Dear JAGG,
        Years ago I heard an interview on ABC 774 3LO Terry Lane on his daily afternoon show .. & Jimmy Boyle .. A book review ..Terry Lane was brilliant as per usual .. that man asked every question I wanted answered.
        Jimmy Boyle – Artist, Murderer, Writer – 1944.

  1. The Christian majority of the United States of America.

    83% Christians
    13% Have no religion
    4% Jews, Muslims, Buddhists .. & a few odds & ends.

    That is not to say that Christianity does not identify itself with Judaism & collaborate to mutually desired ends. In fact, sometimes you can’t tell an old Jew from an old Christian .. so alike are their ambitions.

  2. It is very generous of you to credit Donald Trump with an alibi – an alibi for what though ?
    What has Donald Trump done wrong ?
    The Jews represent on;y 2% of the population of the USA .. they are a minority .. he is giving them a plug.
    Donald Trump is doing what he has to .. to survive .. he is BROKE.
    BROKE .. zit is the whole & total amount of his wealth .. his asset base .. his worldly goods & chattels.
    Donald Trump has fallen from riches to rags .. & no one believes it .. why not ?
    Because you are all too brainwashed to think beyond the bullshit that they feed you.
    If Trump looks sad it is because when his presidency is up Goldman Sachs will throw him to the wolves.
    If Trump looks uncomfortable it is because there are elements in Washington actively working to have him thrown out of office.
    The man has a lot on his plate right about now.

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