April 17, 2024

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4 thoughts on “Twilight Zone: Merkel The Traitor Named Person Of The Year

  1. Of course…. what else from a Zionist stooge!
    Think about this!…… the Zionist headquarters of Europe was before, remained through WW2 and is now the control nucleus of Germany and Europe.
    Wether Hitler was a Zionist is immaterial as he was most certainly controlled by the Zionist machine as he promoted Jew settlement in Palestine just like his, so called, enemies in England…. coincidence?
    Another coincidence is the fact that the Jews declared war on Germany prior to WW2 whilst their Zionist headquarters was in Germany…… strange to say the least!
    I’ll let you into a secret you won’t get on your TV’s….. Zionist judaism is “The Talmud” that is the destructive force and Germany was and still is part of that Talmudic psychopathy……. America is now and you could be next!….. Gus

  2. Oh, Mutti Merkel that you would be so bimbosih as to fall for the superficial accolades of the Thug Wannabe Tyrant – only few are born stars …sorry that it wasnot you dear.

  3. The Lady Muck Wannabe Pretender live and trrive in numbers – the facilitators & procurers of the primaative instincts – VIVE LA DIFFERENCE FOR I COULD BE LIKE YOU and I am not – phew!

  4. His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud sits at the right hand of God – almost.
    God gave him a gift & for so long I could not undestand how he did not realize that he had it – it must have been given him without instructions.
    One day HRH Alwaleed looked out the window into the vast Saudi Desret & pondered, then he announced that he was going to reclaim the desert.
    Oh, how they laughed at him, for surely the sun had burned a hole into his skull, where upon his brains had fallen out.
    Never the less HRH Alwaleed summoned the experts of all persuasions to him …
    And so I began – they came to volunteer – they sent donations – from all around the world – academia of may avenues & persuasions came to see – horticulturists – farmers – biologists – botanists – historians – and the land of Saudi Arabia was bless for it all & not one hotel room was to be found vacant.
    STARS of so may Genres came to turn the shovel & their have their picture took with the main man Alwaleed HRH there of. Never was his name not mentioned on TV, in the news tabloid & it went on & on …
    They gave him the NOBEL PRIZE you know & the nice fat check that accompanies it.
    Birds flew over & seeing the oasis stopped to rest & soon it was a remembered ancient stop over, a home to them.
    At night the campfires – there they sat under the splendid Arabian stars & the stories were told of these nights far & wide.
    He was seen as a Saviour, a man before his time.
    And God came to kiss his child,
    The child that understood his fathers heart.
    I first told this to Professor As’ad Abu Khlil / The Angry Arab on his blog on the Al Akhbar English website –
    * wnat will Alwaleed tell his Father …/?

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