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Victorian Police State Thugs Handcuff a Grandmother at Anti-Lockdown Protest

Police Handcuff a Grandmother at a Anti-Lockdown Protest
Victoria Police have arrested and handcuffed a 69-year-old grandmother at a protest against the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.
Elsternwick, Melbourne
Saturday, September 19, 2020
FLEE AND GET OUT anyway possible!!!
Victorians are now Australian refugees trying to flee from Dic Dan’s POLITICAL persecution and
I know I’d be finding a way to get out anyway I could out from that hell hole!

3 thoughts on “Victorian Police State Thugs Handcuff a Grandmother at Anti-Lockdown Protest

  1. …..because, grandma, you people thought that government’s job was to keep you safe, protect you from yourselves, and you voted in a leftist-nanny state based on Marxism and lies, run by fools under the direction of tyrants. This is the way it always begins it’s decent into despotism. In the guise it’s “for the sake of the children”!

  2. Poor woman and bloody thugs Victoria Police, or should they be called the Cheka now? And a lot of Boomers are conservatives. And we have no way of knowing who she voted for, Labor or Liberal they are both the same bird, And behind that bird are the jews. I sincerely hope she’ll be ok. She did good going to the protest; she stood up for her state. And she’s right that is what we pay our taxes for; Victoria Police (The Cheka) ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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