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WATCH: Sprite Commercial Promotes Boys Dressing Like Girls, Chest Binders


Sprite released a television commercial in Argentina that quite frankly sexualizes children. It’s depraved but not surprising considering the aggressive work of radical sex and gender revolutionaries.

The commercial shows a mother helping her son dress as a drag queen. It also shows a mother helping her daughter bind her breasts. And then there’s the mom who proudly applies makeup to her son’s face. reports the controversial ad was released in conjunction with Buenos Aires Pride.

“It’s an especially powerful message of not just acceptance, but full-blown loving and supporting the LGBTQ+ in your life in the ways that they need. Yes it’s an ad for Sprite, but it also is a reminder for LGBTQ+ people that we can find happiness in our families,” the reporter wrote. 

Sprite is owned by Coca-Cola.

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29 thoughts on “WATCH: Sprite Commercial Promotes Boys Dressing Like Girls, Chest Binders

  1. Mom’s sweet face .. full of love & devotion .. as she assists her male &/or female child to dress up & explore their queer/weird imaginings.

    I was 15 going on 16 when I …. I being the operative word .. not my loving mother .. why not my loving mother .. because I was not ..

    purchased a piece of elastic & sewed together & made a bind to flatten my breasts .. not that I had much breast matter at that time .. but hey ..



    Then I moved on to the cabaret scene .. learned to cha cha & sumba
    I took on the Catherine Deneuve style of French femininity & sophistication .. I was 18 & drank vodka & orange with oysters .. not to excess mind.

    All the while my mother waved the TRUTH news paper at me & swore ..
    “You will come to no good, wait & see”

    A big part of the THRILL of learning to be me was watching my mother suffer”

    The Add Is Bullshit.
    Adults trying to regain their misspent youth.
    Trying to make themselves a somebody in a world that has passed them by.
    It’s too late mom & dad … go watch TV idiots.

  2. Mum took my key .. she swiped it out of my bag .. to teach me some bloody thing .. I went to a disco in Whitehorse Rd with Sandra .. we got back at 3AM .. I had no blood key .. so I went down the lane .. I weighed 7 stone 11 pounds at the time .. I climbed over the fence .. up the side fence & up onto the roof .. my sisters window was locked so I went over the peek of the roof to the other side .. there was a passageway under my window .. I took hold of the rain pipe .. with one foot on the edge before the guttering .. I used my other hand inch open my bedroom window .. at any given moment I could have fallen down & been seriously injured .. i managed to stretch myself somewhat & eventually climber into the window.
    Mum was confounded the next morning “How did she get in the house” ??
    This is the kind of stuff parents should be doing & not painting their childrens face with makeup.

  3. I was all lathered up in the shower & she went & turned the water off on me.
    She threw away my eyeliner .. it was new it peeled off .. I worked at Coles Smith St at the time.
    Graham wrote me a letter asking me out to OPUS Disco ..she gave it to me 6 months after it arrived.

    1. This is what parents should be doing .
      Actor Danny Thomas .. Marlo Thomas’s father said “Be home by 11PM ” she was late .. he turned the sprinklers on, on her.
      There are REAL PARENTS & not the bullshit artist in the bullshit add.
      I tis no wonder our kids are lost in the woods .. hey !!

      1. I ………………….. after I took out the fares & lunch money ……………….. I gave my paypacket over to my mother………………. \”take what you need mum & put the rest in the bank for me\”……………….. & I also told mum to take money to buy things that my sister needed.
        I was the one & only one who looked after her in her old age & cared fro her till sher died.
        That selfish bitch of a lazy no account little sister of mine did nothing ……
        Mum lOVED HER & ONLY HER ALWAYS & I did not die of it.

  4. I got carried away ..
    This is why I came ..
    Interesting article – The Electronic Intifada – Condemnation of “hilltop youth” ring hollow
    by Maureen Clare Murphy.

  5. A Request.

    O, touteng de xiong yinwei ta paoxiaozhe baoyuan ziji de tongku xuannao de xiong rang wo shul.
    Yinwei shuijiao jiushi meng jian wo you duo ai ni duo ai ni eryu.

  6. The Mayor was an attractive man from a well to do family, as expected.
    He married her, a beautiful, buxomes woman who was much desired by the men in upper society.
    She fell in love with the local doctor, a young & handsome man with ambitions, but not the connection to the upper class set.
    The mayor lusted after the local doctor but the doctor was aware that he had to maintain a level of discretion & a standard of respectability & middle class morality & that a scandalous rumor could destroy his career.
    She discreetly had an affair with the doctor, he, overpowered by her sensuality, took it as love & proposed marriage & she refused.
    She refused because, though she did love him, she loved the good life more.
    The Mayor married her, not because he loved her, for he saw her as a cold hearted, gold digging bitch, he wanted the affections of the doctor & that is why & only why he married her, she would secure him.
    After she married the doctor was devastated but still soft in the head for her & went to her bed when she invited him.
    Believing that she had managed to secure the best of 2 worlds, she became over confident in her sense of power over these 2 men.
    It was she, at the suggestion of her husband that convinced the doctor that 3 in a bed was appropriate & so it began.
    Being of good looks & a certain natural sophistication the doctor was embraced by the upper class social set & flourished.
    The relationship between the 2 men grew more intense & 3 became 2 more & more, they both began to despise the jealous, self serving, attention seeking bitch that their female lover was & eventually replaced her with casual, other females.
    She was now a ranting, raving creature of wraths fury, she drank heavily & disgraced herself with several affairs in bad taste.
    There was an face to face with her & the doctor where she mouthed off “You were nothing, I made you a somebody & I can destroy you, I will tell all” He lost it & hit her but good ……. but she did actually love him.

  7. Regarding Mr. I’m too good for common trash .. it is YES & NO ANSWERS ONLY
    It isn’t easy ..
    I’ve been practicing & I realise that I like to talk = U talk a too much greasy wog.
    Motor Mouth Godzilla calls me greasy wog.
    = she is from the Middle East & envoys EUROPEANS like me.
    Her sugar daddy paid/pays for her face lift & constant cosmetic upkeep
    Her complete dental makeover .. yes some of her teeth are dentures.
    Her boobs
    Her extravagant wardrobe
    Her filthy gambling habit
    Her alcohol consumption
    Her pill addiction
    Her rent
    Her cars that she keeps smashing up
    Her PRIVATE & PRIVILEGED Healthcare he manages & pays for
    *Needless to say he is on the verge of bankruptcy.
    Obviously PISS OFF are alien words to this gradious sugar daddy.

    Okay YES & NO answers .. fingers crossed I can get it to work.

    1. Oh, & he is also supporting generously =$$$ 2 of her boyfriends
      I bet he is afraid they will beat him up
      Isn’t she a clever old Middle Eastern bag

  8. Darling Damien Osiris Gabriele ..
    It looks like we have inherited another ..
    Dearest man of mine, look what I have discovered hiding in the woods .. a girl child
    We shall call her Aurora Violetta Serenita Gabriele ..
    How does that bode with you ??
    Who knows what other spooky things lurk in these vast woodlands .. to reflect the lonely cries we hear in the night.

    1. Marysville rattled around in my head for a long time, several years in fact.
      The parents of the couple in question had a place there, or it was the grandparents or another grand relative. (??)
      There is no such thing as .. they did it on their own .. someone always knows & helps & most likely the whole family have a role to play & including the father confessor .. the confessee seeking not absolution but final acceptance to the fold.
      “Did I do good daddy/ mummy, did I do it right” ??
      “Do you finally love me now” ??
      It is only ever a game, no one actually feels left out .. only that they were not the star this time.

      Where are they ??
      Where the horses are .. where the gee gee’s live.
      Not together, not buried together.
      Why did it have to happen ??
      To have them .. is to let them believe that they are boss of all thing .. it goes to their head .. deprive them .. you cannot .. No is a word you forfeit in exchange for the extravagant lifestyle .. they know only to well how powerful certain words are.
      “I will tell” .. imagine the look on everyone’s face when Little Miss Muffet .. who has even been allowed to drink champagne .. decides to throw her weight around as her little sister & little brother look on in glee.

      MOTTO .. It is far better that you shoot yourself in the head with a gun than to molest children.

      1. & what if they learn to say “daddy puts his willy in my bottom” & they say it out aloud one day .. so that mummy & daddy hear ..
        “where did you learn to say that boo boo darling” ??
        & he remembers .. “why, nanny taught m, nanny who loved me best of all”

        MOTTO In for a penny in for a pound / up limit.

        1. How did I find out ??
          Are you shitting me … an inflamed urethra ….what are the symptoms ??
          Not to mention the change in reaction to the parents.
          But it was Teddy who told me in the end .. he whispered in my ear & told me that the little boy was sad .. I carefully asked .. “what is Teddy telling me” & in his own way he showed me by pointing at his body parts with his finger .. he was 3.
          STUPID I AM NOT.

    1. Mummy was stupid
      You would not believe how stupid mummy was
      Never ever
      She would put liquid paper on the computer screen when she made a mistake
      Oh yes she did.

      1. Daddy walked me to the car & put his arms around me as he had done so many nights before .. & he held me tight as had done so many nights before .. he whispered in my ear “I won’t forget this in a hurry Mira” & then he went
        & I smiled because I knew that it was true, what he had whispered in my ear. 😉

        1. A crocodile hid in mummy’s bag
          One day in Alice Springs
          He needed a change
          A holiday
          A new outlook on things
          We found him
          When we arrived
          At home in Melbourne Town
          His tail was swinging up & down
          He was peeping from a crack
          Then our mummy looked
          And saw him there
          And she screamed out aloud
          “How on earth did IT get here”
          “Golly gosh, quick”
          “Open the door”
          “And let it out of here”
          “Before ……. It eats us all”
          It went outside
          And slid into the pool
          And it sighed
          With relief
          What a life this will be
          Filtered water
          And lot’s of food
          I can see I’ll like it here.

          The visited Aunt Jenny up North, yes they did & she was lots of fun as Jenny always was.

          1. Leroy, Jenny’s dog .. I sat on the bar stool in the kitchen & Leroy came & put his chin on my lap .. he had to lower his head to do so ..
            Some people were scared of Leroy .. I don’t know why (??)
            The first time .. Jenny left him out side the front & he came to the window to & looked in.
            “Let me come in” his eyes begged.

  9. He was 3 & I was 50 .. like we told grandma in the kitchen .. & he jumped bout saying I’m 3, I’m 3, I’m 3 & I said & I’m 50 ..
    I taught him to slam doors when he was angry.
    I made him practice slamming the doors of the 4 front rooms on a regular basis till he got good at it.
    A bold statement .. N’est pas?
    & he could speak Italian, yes he could .. I taught him .. he would say “Ti voglio bene mamma” & we sang French songs from the tape.

    1. We read a story about hiding & while he was asleep I hid all his friends .. there were definitely more than 10 friends .. & .. when he woke up I noticed that all his friends were gone ??
      Yes .. gone !!
      “Could they be hiding from us do you think” ??
      So we had afternoon tea & began looking for them after tea ..
      It took up a good while but we eventually found them all .. Phew !!

  10. Just So Stories
    Rudyard Kipling
    Remember the videos we watched over & over again
    How the camel got his hump
    How the rhino got his skin
    narrated by Jack Nicholson

    1. After the fact:
      And after all, mummy & daddy were so smug about it all.
      I wrote this poem about U2 guys & mE.

      Where is mummy, where is daddy
      They’ve gone out to dinner
      They’ve gone & left the babies alone with the sitter
      Where is mummy, where is daddy
      Are they at the movies
      Are the babies safe alone with the sitter
      Where is mummy, where is daddy
      They’re home again at last
      Let’s close our eyes & go to sleep
      The scary time has passed.

      Alas, they had no idea what was in store for them – hey.

  11. Boo Boo Darling:
    What do you remember about Sorrento ??
    Lots of people came & went
    And children
    Think about it
    I’ll be back to tell
    And what happened to Teddy in Sorrento ??
    And who rescued him ?? 🙂 😛 😀 😉

    1. Oh, those girls, you say.
      You were in love with one of those girls.
      Oh yes you were.
      It was summer love & she was the older woman
      The were wonderful girls, Tomboys full of adventure.
      I said to your mother that I like them very much & that they were good friends for you to have.
      She sat in a small tub filled with water .. you stood 2 meters away watching her with interest & I sat nearby .. everyone was there & Tom too .. you went up to her & poured water on her & she screamed .. you backed off just looking at her with interest .. I said “don’t do that darling, she does not like it” .. after a few minutes you went up to her again & poured more water on her with interest .. & she screamed again .. I splashed you with water “see how you like it” & you went away .. but continued to look at her with interest.

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