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Wear It Purple Day is Part of a Dangerous Social Experiment


Take, for example, the completely tragic news about a precious boy who took his own life, after deciding to ‘come out’ as homosexual. Reported by 9 News.

He was 9 years old.

Any parent or educator telling a 9 year old boy to lock himself into a rigid stereotype based on a sexual preference he’s far too young to comprehend, is complicit in the inevitable angst and confusion he will feel.

Children are too young to comprehend complicated sexual concepts, let alone define themselves by them.

His identity was ‘loved child.’ That’s all any 9 year old needs to know about themselves. Anything beyond that is dangerous ideology and this tragedy proves just that.

Wear It Purple Day is a perfect example of how this ideology is being forced on children before they’re old enough to understand what it means to define yourself by a sexual preference.

On August 31, children at schools across Australia are being encouraged to wear purple to show support for those students who do choose to define themselves by a particular sexual proclivity.

During a time when academic results are in freefall, confusing children with highly sexualised messages is the very last thing schools should be investing valuable time and resources into teaching.

To make matters worse, it’s not just schools that are forcing sexuality onto unassuming children. Parents beware: Woolworths has instructed all their staff to wear purple and celebrate sexuality for Wear it Purple Day. If you don’t want your toddler being exposed to sexualised messages they’re too young to understand, you would be safest shopping elsewhere.


First it was the plastic bag ban, which has driven down Woolworths sales and revenue. Now Woolworths has circulated the memo below, forcing staff into Friday’s ‘Purple Day’ to mark LGBTI rights.

The memo highlights the emptiness of this corporate baloney. It says that wearing purple will make LGBTI staff feel like they belong. What an insult to them: as if coloured clothing makes a difference. To make those staff members ‘belong’ surely other staff need to be professional, friendly and constructive towards them. Gimmicks are no substitute for the person-to-person relationships of civil society.

Woolworths also says it wants its staff to look like the customers they serve. How ridiculous. I’m a Woolies shopper and I go there for the products they sell, not caring how people look and what colour clothes they wear.

What does Woolies mean by this policy? Lakemba, for instance, is 65% Islamic, so 65% of Woolies staff in Lakemba need to be Islamic? This is the centralised control and manipulation of society we used to associate with the old Soviet Union – a new authoritarianism, under the banner of ‘diversity and tolerance’.

I must say, I preferred it when companies just got on with their corporate responsibilities (trying to give customers value for money) and stayed out of political campaigning.”

Parents, it’s time to unite against dangerous gender theory and sexual ideology that’s infected our education system. What are you going to do to stop it?


5 thoughts on “Wear It Purple Day is Part of a Dangerous Social Experiment

  1. We live in and unknowingly tolerate a State system that goes back as far as our written history can remind us.
    We, today, evolved from a Monarchial Feudal State system to what is now a Mercantile State system that is Corporate controlled.
    We live under Corporate Law or, as some suggest, Talmudic Law that is in denial of Nature and places man as God, Humanism!
    The LGBTI are a minority, some 5%, in our suggested Democratic State that poses it’s principles as the greatest good for the greatest number yet this LGBT political movement has attained advantages far exceeding the Moms and Dads of this Nation; why?
    We are told not to question as this is construed, by our State, as discrimination and State laws now apply.
    If you understand the State that controls you day by day and, unfortunately, most do not then you would realise that changing belief systems, as the LGBTI are promoting, then there are massive Corporate profits that become available in the market place.
    Corporations and the State need each other to survive and simply put they survive on your energy and ignorance.
    You see, your State exists only through conquest and confiscation as do Corporations!

  2. Once upon a time we had small shopping strips & our meat came from a butcher shop., our fruit & veg from the local fruit shop or the Victoria Market type place.
    Small supermarkets came into existence, now we have huge supermarkets, these large SMarts supply our food & other necessities.
    So I wonder – if they were to shut down tomorrow – where would we go to shop ??
    These places are now VITAL TO OUR EXISTENCE.
    Not raking in money hand over fist – filthy rich.
    But maybe breaking even & even being subsidised by the government to keep their doors open.
    How does that possibility grab ya ??

    1. When Coles Coburg was open 24/7 I would go in at 3:00 am & shop, I would sit on the bench a while & wonder “how much does it cost to keep this place open ??”
      And it came to me that the power bills alone were phenomenal –
      Immediately I began to suspect that the place is being kept open with HARD EARNED TAX PAYER DOLLAR subsidies from government.

  3. Once everybody accepts that the complex differential genders that have evolves in our modern times, were there always, being suppressed by the annally retentive prude & not due to the toxic chemical soups that pollute planet Earth – only then will this propaganda stop being shoved up us with such velocity.
    I mean – can you just imagine the COMPENSATION PAY OUTS.

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