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Welcome To Modern Australia: Refugee parents are sending their children back to Africa to get them away from Melbourne’s Apex gang


Distressed refugee parents have been sending their young children back to their war torn African home countries in hopes of keeping them away from a life of crime.

Melbourne parents have sent their troubled teens back to dangerous countries including Somalia and Sudan after they were charged with a number of offences, reported Herald Sun

This comes amid a wave of violent crimes in the city linked to the notorious Apex gang.

Some of the families are understood to feel they can’t properly discipline their children, and fear Australian child protection officers will take the young people away.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome To Modern Australia: Refugee parents are sending their children back to Africa to get them away from Melbourne’s Apex gang

  1. Do you believe this story ?
    I don’t.
    I was at Brunswick Hospital for an abdominal ultrasound. The technicion was an African man, we had a very interesting conversation about many things. He speaks 16 languages.
    I don’t believe this story.

    Pauline Hanson: Last week I was watching her speak on TV news & I thought about Jo Cox MP who was stabbed & shot to death in broad day light, in a public street in Yorkshire recently. I was overwhelmed by a chilling feeling how easily Pauline Hanson could become a target for propaganda. Pauline has every right to say what she wants, this is Australia, I mouth off all the time. But at this point in time where there are so many dangerous players who find it productive to put on deadly pantomimes to enhance their message. And this woman does not get it.

  2. However, that the children are then ending up in Europe … yes.
    That it is a way to get into Europe … yes.
    You migrate to one country, so as to une that country to springboard into Europe … yes.
    Europe / the EU – is where everyone from Africa & the Midle east want to end up.
    Why, I personally can;t begin to imagine, except that these people have been moving back & forth from their home land to Europe /the EU since forever, they speak the languages & it is the world they grew up in & their playground.
    We are led to believe that the poor black African population are stuck on the litle patch of dirt where they were born & they stay their till they die. This is not so of any of them, we are told such rubbish & up till now we hd no choie but to believe it.
    Thanks to the internet & social media / all those evil gadgets, the true story is opening up to us, at last.
    Australia has nothing to offer them but a change to end up in the EU..

  3. World Soccer is a great reason to travel to the EU, if you should get delayed in going home, why you just catch the next boat.

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