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What You Didn’t Know About the Aborted Baby Parts in Your Vaccines
Surely by now you’ve seen at least one of the many Planned Parenthood videos making the rounds. You know, the videos that discussed in painful detail how babies are ripped from their mothers, hacked up, and sold to the highest bidder? The videos where professionals (over lunch no less) laughingly talked about changing their procedures – putting women at greater risk of complication – to obtain perfect specimens, in the name of the Lamborghini and all. The video where a live baby with a beating heart was killed for a brain?


I wish I was making this stuff up, but I’m not. The truth is, abortions are a for-profit industry and dead baby parts are big business. But what do you expect from an organization whose founder believed that one race was superior to another and strategically placed her abortion clinics in poor, black communities to weed out black americans or believed that the greatest gift a large family could give an unborn child was to kill them?

What do you expect from a medical and scientific community that claims that science cannot advance without aborted babies, or a government that views aborted baby specimens as their own property and mandates that parents inject their kids with vaccines containing aborted fetal cells, DNA, and protein?

Many of the same legislators demanding that Planned Parenthood be defunded to prevent them from selling aborted baby parts, are hypocritically supporting mandates that would force parents to inject their children with them. It’s the equivalent of saying, let’s ban sugar while mandating that parents feed their children sugar cookies and pretending that the sugar cookies don’t contain sugar. It makes absolutely zero sense.
Many of the same parents holding up a pro-life sign on Sunday, are leading the charge against others for not vaccinating their children with vaccines containing aborted baby ingredients on well-check baby Monday. In fact, some of the biggest Christian organizations and magazine publications have promoted vaccines containing aborted baby ingredients and have given platforms to atheists bashing the religious reasons for opting out, while demanding that we stand up against abortion. Hello? Hypocrisy anyone?

No wonder people are confused. You’ve got the church telling you to vaccinate your kid, the state shoving it down your throat, religious leaders preaching all things pro-life, and the vaccine enthusiasts pretending the entire issue doesn’t exist.

So which is it? Do vaccine contain aborted fetal ingredients or not? If so, is it true that this was just a one-time shadeal? Is this some sort of conspiracy because it sounds like a play out of the worst sci-fi novel ever written. I wish.

Aborted Baby Parts Are in Your Child’s Vaccines

You’ve probably heard that there are no aborted fetal ingredients in vaccines, right? Or maybe you heard that even though aborted babies are used for vaccine manufacturing, there’s not really anything in the vaccine by the time it gets to you or your child. Pseudoscience Quacktivists might call it “homeopathy,” but I think we should call it what it is…a lie.

Have you read the chicken pox vaccine package insert? You know, the one the doctor doesn’t go over with you when you take your kid in to get vaccinated. It says right on the label that there are aborted fetal ingredients in this vaccine.

This product also contains residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein. – Varivax insert, pages 6-7. (In case you are wondering, MCR 5 is code for the 14 week-old baby boy who had the pleasure of supplying tissue from his lungs for your child’s vaccines.)

Have you read the CDC’s vaccine ingredient list? Why would they list aborted baby parts as ingredients if they weren’t actually in vaccines? Just because there’s only a little baking soda in a cake doesn’t mean it’s not in there. In fact, a little baking soda can have quite the effect on a cake and the person eating it. If it’s on the label, it’s in the vaccine.

At least 27 vaccines contain aborted baby cells, cellular debris, protein, and DNA from aborted babies including (but not limited to), Adenovirus, Polio, Dtap/Polio/HiB Combo, Hep A, Hep A/Hep B Combo, MMR, MMRV Pro Quad, Rabies, Varicella, Shingles vaccines, Ebola, HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and influenza vaccines. There are hundreds of other vaccines in the pipeline and you can bet your life savings there are aborted baby ingredients in those too.

This Wasn’t Just a One-Night Stand 

You might have also heard that only two babies were used and it was a really long time ago, which justifies the continued use of shooting up live babies with dead babies. This just simply isn’t true and if you think it is, watch one of the many Planned Parenthood videos. These people are harvesting baby parts for a reason.

Aborted baby is supposedly some sort of magic that makes vaccines more effective (albeit safely untested and could contribute to conditions like autism and cancer). In fact, an article in the Associated Press just a few weeks ago said aborted baby parts are essential to vaccine science. Now why are aborted babies essential if new specimens are no longer used in the testing or manufacture of vaccines? I’ll tell you why, because they’re still being used and this wasn’t just a one-night stand.

Sure, ultimately there may be only one cell line that makes it into each of these vaccines (let’s all pretend that makes a difference), but do you have any idea how many aborted baby specimens are used until the right one is perfected for each vaccine? Does it make a difference to your pro-life conscience whether the aborted fetus is 50 years-old (and obtained illegally) or a few years old and obtained from a hatchet factory?

The truth is, there are numerous cell lines used to obtain the perfect cell lines – so many in fact that you could read Facebook’s privacy policy faster than you could locate all of the “human designer cells” used in vaccine testing and manufacturing.

Here are just a few examples:

The PER C6 tumorigenic cell line is being used in the ebola, influenza, malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV vaccines and came from a healthy 18 week-old fetus aborted for social reasons and the HEK 293 cell line was derived from the kidneys of a baby now being used to develop new influenza vaccines.
Did you know how many abortions were performed until the WI-38 cell line that ended up in many of the vaccines was selected? It is estimated that eighty elective abortions (recorded) were involved in the research and final production of the current rubella vaccine: 21 from the original WI-1 through WI-26 fetal cell lines that failed, plus WI-38 itself, plus 67 from the attempts to isolate the rubella virus.

WI-1 through WI-25 cell strains were derived from the lung, skin, muscle, kidney, heart, thyroid, thymus, and liver of 21 separate elective (and some speculate illegal) abortions. WI-44 was derived from the lung of a three-month old surgically aborted fetus.

WI-38 (RA 273) was derived from a 16-week-old female baby (20 cm long) who was aborted in Sweden because the parents felt they had too many children. The baby was packed on ice and sent to the United States (speculation suggests without consent) where it was dissected. If you do any research on Hayflick (the man who produced these lines) you would see it riddled with ethical issues from obtaining specimens illegally to court battles over profits.
The WI-38 strain has helped to generate billions of dollars for companies that produce vaccines based on the cells, yet it seems that the parents of the fetus have earned nothing.
There are numerous other cell lines created for vaccine production that we could talk about, like IMR-90 which came from a 16-week old aborted baby girl and can be purchased online for $431.00 or IMR-91 which came from a male aborted baby. You can scroll through the ATCC website and see cell line after cell line derived from aborted babies (and newborn baby foreskin if you’re curious about the business of circumcision) and find everything from 2.5 month gestation babies to older gestations of all ethnicities.

Aborted Baby Cell Lines are Not Immortal

Despite what you may have heard, these cell lines are not immortal. There is nothing on the face of this earth that is “immortal.” Only God holds that pleasure. The cell lines used in our vaccines last a long time but they will eventually die out and when they do, they’ll have to be replaced. In fact, scientists are already trying to come up with the next best thing.

In China, they recently developed the Walvax-2 cell line, which they plan to replace the MCR-5 cell line with. Walvax-2 was derived from the lung tissue of a 3-month old fetus and at least nine babies were used in the process before finding the successful cell line. This cell line is supposed to be better, stronger, and will replicate faster than the cell lines it’s designed to replace.

You may not care since these aborted babies came from China, but we all know that what’s made in China never stays in China.

So how are we supporting this industry by injecting a vaccine containing aborted fetal goodies?

First, when we use vaccines that contain aborted baby ingredients, we are supporting the industry that profits off of it and increasing the demand for more cell lines and new cell lines to replace the old.

Think about it, the doctor makes money off the patient (or our insurance), the pharmaceutical company makes money off the doctor. The company supplying the cell lines makes money off the pharmaceutical company, and the procurement company makes money off of the company on the receiving end of their specimens. This is a billion dollar industry. Where exactly is mama’s paycheck? Oh yeah, that’s right. She actually has to pay for the abortion…or we (taxpayers) do. Whatever.

Since there is a demand for products of induced abortions, the company [marketing the cell lines] becomes part of a market force that may encourage future abortions to take place. […] Commercial factors could impel the company to put pressure on the developer or on an abortion clinic to deliver the goods by a certain time. Not opposing the marketing and distribution of such cell lines, and not looking for alternative ethical sources, is also a grave omission. – Wong on the Ethics of HEK 293
Secondly, because we’re so complicit with the fact that this is happening, aborted baby ingredients are being used in more and more vaccines and the demand has never been greater. Look at the new ebola whackadoodle vaccine. I wonder if they plan on telling the African people that there is aborted baby in their vaccines? (Probably not, because that would be considered witchcraft.)

The demand for fetal tissue is created by a life-science industry growing at a rapid pace, not just in obtaining embryonic stem cells, but also in replacing and improving on cell lines such as HEK 293 for research and for use in the pharmaceutical industry. – Wong on Ethics

Third, we are supporting an industry by not demanding alternatives for our children (if you do vaccinate) and by not fighting for our religious exemption if we desire not to. But it’s cool, we can just inject foreign human DNA into our newborns and when they develop a chronic disease, we can use a drug that was founded upon research using aborted baby and contains aborted baby ingredients to manage their disease caused by injecting aborted baby ingredients into their body in the first place.

See how much we really need other women to abort their babies? Without them, how would we ever protect our kids from “scary” diseases like measles and chicken pox?

But you know the argument, murdering one life (or 68 to get “the” cell line) to protect millions of kids from a benign childhood illness that yields lifetime immunity and protection against more serious diseases as adults, is worth it if we can make a vaccine that provides 4-10 years of junk immunity, causes serious adverse reactions, sheds – infecting the immunocompromised, babies, and pregnant women, and gives Grandma the gift that keeps on giving…shingles.

Science May Think it Needs Aborted Babies, We Don’t

We should supposedly be okay with all things aborted baby because science needs us to. Apparently, we’ve come to a place where science can’t make advancements without them. I mean, baby parts have been used for decades to develop cures for diseases we still don’t have, trick our taste buds with synthetic flavor, make our skin “dead-baby-butt-smooth,” and for the assault of our children’s bodies with the DNA of a dead child.

If science can’t advance without abortions, we need to go back to the drawing board.CLICK TO TWEET

Personally, if science has come to a place where it can’t function without the abortion industry, we need to go back to the drawing board. Until then, you have the right to know what’s in your vaccines and the right to opt out of them.


If you’d like to read more posts by Living Whole on aborted fetal ingredients in vaccines, please read “God Does Not Support Vaccines” and “Dear Focus on the Family, You’re on the Wrong Side of the Vaccine Controversy.” 


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