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Woolworths Supermarkets Are Turning Into High Tech Prisons

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The slow Woolworths surveillance creep is speeding up across the country with Woolworths now treating Aussie shoppers like potential criminals that need to be strictly monitored by invasive AI technology.

Earlier this year, Woolworths started rolling out creepy AI surveillance technology to their self service checkout zones that scan and detect items that may not have been put through the payment systems correctly.

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The Woolworths AI tech that tracks and traces its unsuspecting customers or potential terrorists, will automatically flag customer errors with a flashing red light and video of their crimes.

This outrageous technology has already rolled out to hundreds of Woolworths stores across the country with many stores now resembling some kind of high tech fortress where everyday customers are being turned into prisoners for simply doing their weekly shopping.

Woolworths stores now being turned into high tech prisons across Australia… 

Woolworths are now taking things even further by introducing more invasive AI Technology throughout their supermarkets to deter potential shoplifters.

Every single shopper that enters selected Woolworths stores where the AI tech is being tested will now be treated as a suspect that could potentially commit a crime.

Woolworths are now rolling out across selected stores new sensor technology as a deterrent to would-be shop lifters, along with keeping staff and customers safe.

Yes folks, it’s all about keeping you safe while at the same time treating you as a potential thief for grabbing the weekly groceries.

According to nine news.

Customers will notice the overhead sensors when they walk into the self-serve checkout area.

The sensors will identify when someone enters the area and assigns them with a digital ID.

Alongside the digital ID, there will be a red marker until the customer has paid at one of the checkouts, at which point it will turn green.

Customers will be trapped within the walls of the fortress until grotesque AI technology hanging over their heads gives them the all clear to pass through the sensor gates without being intestinated by Woolworths overlords on a power trip.

Woolworths are now clearly taking advantage of gullible Aussie shoppers who continue to flood through their doors to spend money instead of boycotting these abusive tyrants.

It is now high time for the Australian people to totally Boycott Woolworths and their high tech agenda 2030 experiment by taking our money and our business elsewhere.

Alway’s try to use cash at farmers markets around the country and shop at different supermarkets that don’t treat their customers like criminals.

The first store trialling the technology is Fairfield with the following stores to follow; Moorabbin, Millers Junction, Woodgrove, Wentworthville, and Randwick Metro.

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