March 3, 2024

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Staged Machete Attack At St Albans station, Melbourne

Staged Machete Attack At St Albans station, Melbourne But Why? 

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Desperate corporate media liars are hamming up what appears to be a staged assault at St Albans station in Melbourne by teenagers with machetes, but why?

According to the Daily Fail, A group of four young eshays held a machete to a teenager’s neck as they beat him at a busy Melbourne train station.

The brazen attack unfolded on a train platform at St Albans station, in Melbourne’s west, during the afternoon rush at 3.45pm on Tuesday.

School children could be heard screaming while dozens of commuters fled for safety.

The attack was filmed by witnesses and captured by several security cameras.

Footage shows the four attackers chasing down the teenager in a grey tracksuit before cornering him behind a large pole.

In the above video, 7 News are calling the attack chilling and give out a warning to viewers for the graphic content but the whole event is clearly staged.

Click on the link to find a better version of the staged event & check out my questions below.

1. Why are the attackers and the victim all wearing the same style of clothing with hoodies?

2. The MSM want the general public to believe that this could be African gang related but the attackers hands are clearly white.

3. Who is filming this staged event and why are they not stepping in to help the victim?

4. If you watch the video closely it is very clear that most of the punches and kicks don’t even connect with the victim and the victim is of a good build and looks like he could easily defend himself.

5. MSM are reporting that these are teenagers which appears to be false looking at the clip itself and why is the victim hiding his face from being recorded while being brutally assaulted?

6. The victim clearly appears to be acting and does not look to me like he is really being attacked at all.

7. Check out the final kicks and shadow box type punches against the victim as they are clearly not connecting at all.

8. Is the machete fake? Are they cops or just actors?

My best guess is that this event is a total hoax and has been staged for the Corporate media but we do have to ask ourselves, why?

Could it be an attempt to pump up fear, mistrust and division in our communities, where schoolchildren and general commuters simply don’t feel safe on public transport anymore?

Will we see more AI security measures and invasive technology being rolled out across public transport platforms and a tighter police presence?

Will the general populations of major cities be pushed into a civil war type situation as we speed towards Agenda 2030 smart cities and who will benefit from all the engineered chaos and fear?

With DEW attacks in Maui, threats of another terrible fire assault in Australia it appears that divide and conquer techniques using MSM propaganda is still a powerful weapon against the public.




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