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You Need to Watch Hellstorm!


Back in 2014 I started collaborating with author Thomas Goodrich to make a documentary of his book Hellstorm, which is all about seeing the “great war” from the loser’s perspective. It was incredibly hard taking the book and making a screenplay out of it. I then had to find a bunch of people willing to do voice acting for the different quotes from the books. I also had to locate video clips and pictures to help tell the tale, even though this material is incredibly hard to come by. I went through the 90 minute film so many times trying to get everything right, such as manually removing every single breath in the narration. Long story short, it was a massive undertaking that took countless hours.

With lots of effort, I was able to finish and released the documentary on May 1, 2015. The film exploded on Youtube, getting tens of thousands of views every day for a while, but it was eventually banned. Other people uploaded their own versions, but they were also banned. After one year, I counted up all the views from different uploads and found despite the suppression, Hellstorm had over 2 million views. The film also went up on other video sharing sites, where people continued to find it over the years. It has reached a massive audience, who now know the terrible fate suffered by the German people in WWII.

In the aftermath of the release, people from around the world started making translations so we could have versions that were both subbed and dubbed. There is even a complete German version of the film, with a German narrator and German voice actors for all the different quotes. All the people who worked on this did so because they care about making the truth widely available. It was truly great to be part of this project, which involved people from all different parts of the world.

I even showed the film at the Myrtle Beach Film festival, where it was viewed right before the premiere of a $2 million documentary called Live Another Day, which was about the bailout of the auto industry in 2008 and starred Jay Leno. It was great getting to talk to a variety of people who were exposed to this information for the first time and actually appreciated the work I had done. I ended up receiving an honorable mention award for the documentary, which was nice, considering I was competing against some big budget films, and I had only raised a little over $3,000 to make Hellstorm a reality.

You, dear reader, have likely seen this film already. Maybe some of you have only watched part way through, but then had to shut it off, because the truth was just too much to bear. Just imagine how I felt having to go through the material countless times in order to make the documentary a reality. Regardless, you should watch Hellstorm again or for the first time.

You need to remind yourself what the judeo-Masonic winners of WWII did to the “Nazis” because this cabal of mass murdering terrorists are still in control of the world and are ratcheting up their war against “anti-Semites,” “White supremacists,” “Nazis,” and even anti-vaxxers. They are dehumanizing us in the same way that they dehumanized the Germans in WWII, and would not hesitate to unleash similar horrors upon us. Already look at what they have done to Europe with the rapefugee invasion, what is happening with the endless flood of criminal invaders crossing the southern border of the US, and the Communist control system that has been set up across the Western world to supposedly battle Covid-19.

We cannot allow another Hellstorm to befall our people.

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There is a video player embedded right under the banner and a bunch of links to the different translations.

Thomas Goodrich also released an updated version of the book, which you can buy along with the DVD and audiobook.

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