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Anastasia Palaszczuck’s father is the chairman of a DNA and gene company!

The Queensland premier Anastasia Palaszczuck’s father is the chairman of a DNA and gene company!
This morning we stumbled upon some interesting information. GTA (Gene Technology Alliance): Gene Data Storage and Application with direct links to China is basically a giant DNA storage and research project happening right here in Australia.
It’s also apparently known for it’s artificial intelligence technology which apparently assists in their research and their goals of manipulating human gene sequencing (playing with the genetic makeup of the human race).
And guess who is chairman?  Henry Palaszczuk. Yep, Anastasia Palaszczuk’s own father.
It’s a new trillion-dollar industry, but they were a little scarce in the gene pool, so… get ready for it…
…”by combining advanced gene sequencing technology and blockchain storage technology, it adopted unique blockchain incentive mechanism to quickly attract individual users, gene sequencing companies, medical, pharmaceutical, health services and other data applications on the same platform, as a result of which, a gold mine of gene data storage and application has been built with a global genetic data storage as the core and profound application value.”
The next step in the total control and manipulation of humanity and Australia is tied right up to it.
We also can extend this link to the sale of Queensland assets to the Chinese as we are aware of connections to Trad, The Premier and now most likely through to her father Mr Henry Palaszczuk as a connection to the CCP.

5 thoughts on “Anastasia Palaszczuck’s father is the chairman of a DNA and gene company!

  1. Just a slimy poke into the Communist program in Australia.
    In the Russian Communist Revolution they had Siberia to sent the politically determined enemy who did not bend the knee to the Communist/Socialist destructive ideology.
    It is very obvious that Palaszczuck’s policies are formed around people control and she certainly obeys her Communist appetite for that impending horror. Mask’s, isolation, movement control and distancing are all part of the Communist control psychology of people; and our Governments, including Pataszzcuzk’s, are processing that very evil of Communism using the CoVid fraud as the weapon of control.
    We all need to start talking and spreading this inhumane process to make us slaves to a sick idealism that has cost the lives of billions yet continues to spread it’s evil thru our elected officials driven by a very sick and controlled media.

  2. Hey, you talk of the russian communist revolution. But did you know it was a zionist jewish revolution. Trotsky and co, sent from the zionist states of america, with 20 tons of gold to pay for it. The zionist held there first zionist conf in basel switzerland, where the tsar of russia got to find out about their plot to over throw the worlds govs and take over the world. Just like now. Exactly like now. He found out about it, and “ the protocols of the elders of zion” were published in russia in 1903. They swore revenge on the tsar, hence the revolution. More of hunting party that got lucky. Those 6 milion jews they keep harping on about were infact russians killed by the zionist revolutionaries. Not jews in the rothchilds concentration camps. They were there before the war, right next t9 rothchilds factories, freelabour to make 5he weapons to sell to all sides in 5he war the rothchilds had not yet started. Napolionic wars, french revolution, ww1 and ww2, arab springs, colour revolutions, regime changes. Gettingrid of monsrchy. Like arch duke, kieser whilhelm, french king in revolution.and now queen elizabeth. Deposed in 2016. Thats why canada is mow a federal state run by fidel castros son. Thats why no more commonwealth. Catholic church blackmailed into setting qe2 up. She held in windsor castle house arrest. We have a prob here, this imposed dictator. But people are not believing it. Theres plenty of evidence.good luck down there in oz.

    1. Thanks for commenting Pedro.
      Yes, I am up to speed with the Zionist Jewish plan and implementation of the Russian Revolution. It was a long time planned revolution and forecast by the English Jewish PM Disraeli. Disraeli was no prophet; he was intrinsic to the Khazar Rothschild crime syndicate to control the world; The Russian Revolution, as was the French and English revolutions, were part of breaking the spirit of the people. WW1 and WW2 followed that also was forecast by the Masonic leader Albert Pike who was an integral part of this conspiracy against mankind. These people are not prophets they merely belong to the inner sanctum of Lucifer.
      With the Zionist Jews re-established in the US White House by Biden the Communist downfall of America is imminent and that will effect us all in Oz and your State along with many other Nations who want freedom. Take care…. GJ.

      1. Point of correction from an American: Zionist jews have run roughshod over America since at least Roosevelt (actually before).

  3. You’re probably aware by now….but just in case….EVERY SINGLE LINK you Posted is not working. I just get a: “Page Not Found” notice.
    Annoying a-holes have infiltrated your site and are scrubbing information by the looks of it 🤬🤬🤬

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