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Qld Labor pushing LGBTQ+ insanity and filth from kindy to Y12 – kids can be cats


“Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.” Antonio Gramsci, Italian Marxist philosopher, linguist, journalist, writer, and politician.

PARENTS students at Sunshine Beach State School are disgusted by the content of a course called “Respectful Relationships”, which is simply a renamed, slightly changed version the notorious Safe Schools program promoted by the Victorian cultural Marxist transvestite activist Roz Ward.

As indicated by Gramsci, these so-called educational programs are nothing more than propaganda exercises promoting mental and sexual anarchy, ultimately aimed at destroying the traditional family structure of eastern and western societies. It’s all part of their global revolution.

“Safe Schools” was sourced back to the hallowed halls of LaTrobe University, Melbourne, where every imaginable sexual perversion is given academic respectability, most notably through the work of gay professor Gary Dowsett and child sex advocate Steven Angelides. LaTrobe also proudly posts its support for Sustainable Development Goals that include gender equality (SDG 5).

A screenshot from the “Respectful Relationships” garbage being pushed on Queensland children.

Angelides, who holds a fellowship in the Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research and Sociology, publishes books such as the one titled A History of Bisexuality that “explores the evolution of sexuology, revisiting modern epistemological categories of sexuality in psychoanalysis, gay liberation, social constructionism, queer theory, biology, and human genetics.”

Ward the dedicated sexual revolutionary from the ranks of the Victorian Socialist Left faction of the Labor Party pushed the edited package of this rubbish into the education arena as Safe Schools, which allegedly helps stop “bullying of LGBTQ kids” aka “gender violence” or “homo/transphobia”. The three steps forward, two steps backward strategy worked and now the outraged parents of Australia have to deal with it.

The destructive nature of the idea of “gender transitioning” is revealed in the suicide statistics highlighted by the Victorian Government itself. Suicide rates and self-harm is statistically high among those who go down that path. It’s no wonder, given that one’s gender is something so deeply entrenched in the psyche.

Safe Schools began in 2013 as an $8m federally-funded national program, allegedly with bipartisan support. It emerged from a Victorian scheme “to create safe and supportive schools for same-sex attracted, gender diverse and intersex young people”.

In exchanges on a Facebook page highlighting the parental pushback, Kelseyy Amber, a member of Protect Your Kids at School Queensland since January 2022, highlighted the anarchy of these alleged educational projects when she mentioned some students were identifying as cats and using actual litter boxes provided by a school.

Sharon Heal, another member of Protect Your Kids at School Queensland, posted on her Facebook page multiple references to “The Sex Gender Theory Respectful Relationship’s Program against Stereotypes, Gender Norms, Heteronormativity and Toxic Masculinity under the guise of a Anti-DV Program” – all the topics from the LaTrobe academics’ books.

She said the course is is taught in HPE and Wellbeing along with CSE and Consent. It is taught in all states and in Queensland from prep to year 12, with most of the program focusing on “self identity”. She calls it “manipulation and brainwashing” and using feelings and emotions channeled by group-think into “identities”.

Even mainstream media has noted the uproar caused by these courses. The Adelaide Advertiser reported that a speaker engaged by Headspace Berri, a South Australian mental health organisation operated by the non-profit FocusOne Health, who spoke to a Year 9 girls’ class at Renmark High School, was suspended after girls complained about the expletive-laden address on bestiality.

One example of the “Respectful Relationships” is a video featuring an intelligent and otherwise normal 17-year-old high school graduate “Jaimee” who identifies as a lesbian. Why? Because at age 13 she had a girl crush on the singer Pink and continued to like girl-to-girl relationships. “Jaimee” was led to believe the lie that this made her a lesbian because “all the other girls were interested in boys and she wasn’t”. Well guess what Jaimee, not all girls are boy chasers.

Similarly, normal boys who like male companionship as most naturally do, and often idolize senior males like footy players, music and movie stars, are told by the diabolical sexual identity pushers that they are gay. This makes them targets for older gay predators. Even worse is the warped and destructive suggestion to these emotionally vulnerable teens that their gender does not fit their sex – hence the wreckage left by legalised sexual mutiliation surgery, now highlighted in the UK Cass Review.

Children and teens don’t need this “sexual identity” grooming forced on them. The old-fashioned “facts of life” books showing basic biology and handed on by parents were tough enough for the hormone-laden teen to deal with. In the meantime sexologists, professors and trannies, take some advice from an old Pink Floyd song and leave those kids alone!

Back in 2016 the left wing Guardian journalist Gay Alcorn (pun unintended) wrote an article about the poor persecuted “Ms Ward”, who was getting nasty phone calls, including death threats. Cairns News would suggest Ms Ward knew very well why people hated him/her – he’s obviously more him than her, but we won’t digress down that rabbit hole.

Ward, as pointed out by Alcorn, made no secret about his/her “Marxist politics”. But being a Marxist specialising in “sexual politics” is more than just a political belief, it’s an active and diabolical agenda that involves seeding the minds of impressionable young people with these radical and weird ideas about “sexuality and gender”. New Left/neo-Marxist ideologues see it as just another step along the way in their plan to “reform (read overthrow) society and culture” into something radically different.

Ward the cunning strategist had manoeuvred him/herself into a position into writing national school curriculum material on sexuality and gender. Apparently it’s all very normal for a British-born transvestite to write Australian curriculum material. Fellow Victorian comrade Dan Andrews agreed, totally.

But when Ward’s “curriculum material” became public an uproar ensued. Practical, family-oriented people generally don’t appreciate transvestites pushing their beliefs about sexuality on their children, who they prefer, at least until their early teens, to remain relatively innocent and unworried by culturally-sensitve, emotionally-charged and potentially very embarrassing topics around sexuality and gender.

After all, who the heck wants their kids groomed into a world of sexual perversions? Incidentally, grooming is still an offence in Australian law and is not only activity involving procuring of minors for sexual activity, but also exposing them to indecent material.

Safe Schools openly flouted the lesser of grooming offences (exposure to indecent material), although it could be argued that teaching children about the obscure sexual leanings of people who, like our professors and trannie activist don’t believe in morality or self control, is in fact grooming those children into these practices.

Not so coincidentally Safe Schools appeared along with a global trend: “oh-so funny” transvestites suddenly came out of the woodwork and started reading cute little books to children in libraries. The WEF and UN approved, because the latter was running a global campaign on sexuality and gender.

Ward, we suggest, knew very well that the outrageous material would get pushed back on, and that’s exactly what federal education authorities did, starting with their Louden Review. It suggested minor changes but later extended to restricting Safe Schools to secondary schools, requiring parental consent for students to participate, and parental bodies to agree to a school’s participation. Federal funding expired in 2017 and the government has said it will not renew it.

But the neo-Marxists of the New Left know very well that this just creates the situation where you take one or two of your forward steps back. It looks conciliatory. It tricks those bigoted right-wingers into thinking they won a battle.

Now Safe Schools has morphed into Respectful Relationships and is running in schools across the country. The neo-Marxists, like their forefather Antonio Gramsci predicted, had marched into another institution – the family via the education systems they had already largely captured.


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