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Australia Marches for Freedom – September 2021 | Coverage



Tens of thousands of Australians have marched across the country for the principles of democracy, freedom, medical choice and objection to segregation.

Freedom protesters staged unified protests across Australia yesterday, delivering messages of resistance to an establishment that has stripped fundamental human rights away for 18 months.


Opposition against plans to introduce a two-tiered society based on personal medical choice was at the core of the rallies, as well as issues relating to health, the economy, democracy and more.

Check out our report from across the country below.

For an analysis of events in Melbourne, please click here.


An estimated 10-15 thousand protesters packed the Botanical Gardens once again in Brisbane, calling for an end to mask mandates, lockdowns and medical coercion regarding the vaccine.

A number of speeches were given in the packed park, before the demonstrators began moving through the Brisbane CBD, chanting ‘freedom’ and holding placards:

Citizens can be seen as far as the streets can stretch, as the crowd moves through the city:

In a new addition to the rally route, the demonstrators passed through the popular and busy Queen Street Mall outdoor precinct, before returning again to the road:

Queensland Police were once again pleasant and allowed for the demonstration to head through smooth. One 55-year-old man was arrested for.. flying a drone illegally (huh?):

Apart from this one minor event, and a cry of outrage from the crowd, business returned back to normal soon after, and residents completed their march before returning for closing speeches.

Once again, Queensland turns out and shows very strong solidarity with locked down states.

This wasn’t exclusive to city locations, either.


After successful demonstrations last month at the Queensland/New South Wales border, residents in the surrounding areas gathered once again to oppose ongoing restrictions.

Led by indigenous elders, speeches were given, before the sizeable and passionate crowd marched through the coastal town of Coolangatta:

Photos via

Protesters are campaigning against tough ongoing QLD border closures, which the Chief Health Officer said will remain shut until the state hits at least a 70% vaccine target.

This milestone, according to QLD Health, is expected to be hit at the end of next month.


A Freedom Day rally planned for Sydney fell through after police arrived at meeting points before protesters and set up a series of checkpoints across the city.

City-bound traffic and public transport were subjected to police checkpoints, while taxi services and other transportation methods were prohibited from taking passengers to the CBD.

Like last month, with many suburbs still under strict military lockdown, it is very hard for most to reach the city — which was already difficult enough prior to restrictions (sorry Sydney, I love you lol).

Multiple people did indeed make it to Sydney Park, however, which was being patrolled by dozens of officers to prevent protesters from gatherings.

One man was led away by police after he spoke to a crowd of picnickers and police officers arrested two others for not wearing face masks:

A young lady is stopped and searched for daring to step outside of her local area radius.

Yet another right-wing conspiracy theorist terror threat!

Give me a break.

NSW Police even had a photographer there to get some official shots! See below:

Majestic, beautiful, stunning.

Stay strong, Sydney.


About 5,000 West Australians joined pro-freedom protests around the country, calling Premier Mark McGowan a “dictator” as they marched through the CBD.

While WA is enjoying few restrictions at this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, that hasn’t stopped the group of activists demanding their freedom at Forrest Chase yesterday afternoon:

Residents can be seen holding placards calling for an end to mandatory vaccination policies being enforced by some of the country’s biggest businesses, while calling for borders to be opened.

There was a heavy police presence in the city for the event, which, in contrast to violent scenes in Melbourne, appeared to be very peaceful. This is what happens when freedom is permitted.

After some speeches at Forrest Chase, the sizeable crowd marched through the Perth CBD:

Those who were on the ground are calling the event a smashing success.


Thousands also attended a peaceful two-hour rally in Adelaide yesterday, in an event which saw no arrests made or fines issued to members of the public.

Protesters gathered at Rundle Park in the CBD, to hear a number of key speakers:

An Adelaide teacher who says he was sacked for telling students they didn’t have to wear a mask was applauded. Andrew Lang, a teacher at Temple Christian College, was sacked after he told students they did not have to comply with the public health order.

“(The students) asked him, is this the law? And he explained to them that it wasn’t, he got a copy of the direction, he told them the truth about it,” retired judge Stuart Lindsay told those at the rally.

“Now, it just so happened the principal of this school was walking past the classroom when he was doing that and he overheard this conversation with the students and he metaphorically dragged Andrew out of the class and there was a discussion at the door of the classroom.

He didn’t like the truth being told about the mask mandate,” said Lindsay.

Many demonstrators held creative signs to get their pro-choice message across on the day:

The crowd would then take to the streets, filling the city as they marched forward:

Check out a great recap of the event in Adelaide at the following link below:


A freedom protest was also held in Byron Bay on Saturday.

It began outside the courthouse in Middleton Street and eventually moved to Apex Park at Main Beach, where the crowd was ultimately dispersed.

Melbourne freedom protest: What the TV didn’t show you


Melbourne has spent 228 days in lockdown since since March 2020.

The state is set to notch up a grim world record for the most days spent under stay-at-home laws when it passes Buenos Aires on September 23.

People have lost everything, and the past 12 months have seen unprecedented shifts.

Yet, despite spending more time in lockdown than most of the world, citizens of Melbourne are still unable to exercise their democratic right to protest.

Despite admitting there was no evidence that the last freedom protest spread any virus, Daniel Andrews turned the police against the public today and deprived them of basic services such as public transport, all in the name of ‘public safety’.

2,000 police gathered in a large group, to prevent people gathering in large groups.

Melbourne’s beating heart, the CBD and inner suburbs, became almost silent this morning — other than the sound of police and media helicopters. A Brave New World Order.

Melbourne is already in lockdown, so a ‘double lockdown’ zone applied across up to 360 square kilometres of the city. Tram, train and bus routes that transverse the CBD were shut down.

The agenda was to prevent protesters from gathering in the city.

However, this plan ultimately failed, with protesters determined to have their voices heard.

Demonstrators turned out in Melbourne to protest against lockdown measures, as they swarmed in front of traffic in Richmond, in the Victorian capital’s inner-suburbs.


If you turned on the television last night, you would hear talking heads describing how protesters were ‘angry men’ who were only ‘looking to cause mayhem’.

Police say those who attended today were not fighting for freedom, but say attendees were “angry, aggressive young males” there to fight the police.

“What we saw today was a group of protesters that came together, not to protest freedoms, but simply to take on and have a fight with the police,” Victoria Police Commander Mark Galliott said.

Selective media was broadcast to highlight violent clashes.

However, the larger timeline and story was cleverly avoided.

Were protesters really looking for a fight?

Was everything as ‘violent’ as described across the 2 hour rally?

Citizens, armed with smartphones and cameras, have become the media now.

Here is what the TV didn’t show you.


How it began..

Protesters gathered in Richmond in a peaceful manner, deciding to momentarily block traffic for a few speeches — a common technique employed by most protest movements across the world.

Protesters begin marching up the street, police arrive..

Following a few small speeches on the street, protesters began moving up the street as police began to arrive. As they did so, forces formed a line in front of them and walked ahead.

Protesters begin chanting “you serve us” at police as they walk ahead of the group. A police helicopter hovers overhead, and already, things

Surrounded with nowhere to go.

Next thing, the protesters became trapped as police formed a ring around the group. This is a successful technique that has been employed to herd campaigners in the past, particularly G20.

A father stands with his daughter on his shoulders as they become trapped.

This photo is undoubtedly heading for the history books.

Police begin aggression..

Despite media reports of ‘instigation’ and ‘violence’, it was actually the police that began the hostilities. This is confirmed by an unedited, one and a half hour livestream of the event.

In the media below, police deploy capsicum spray and attempt to subdue protesters in Richmond:

Check out that right hook..

Early ‘arrests’ are made as some protesters are violently singled out by the police force.


Despite being trapped in a ring of police, protesters did not lash out at the authorities.

Instead, they begin to sit on the ground, playing John Farnham and pleading with officers to sympathise with their demonstration. Or at least let them pass and continue the march.

How are police ‘preventing spread’ by bringing groups to a compact standstill?

In the video below, one woman pleads with line blocking the pro-democracy march: “My Dad fought in a war for freedom, and look at what you guys are doing to us.”

Police officers begin taking up more of Burnley Street in Richmond, which is now blocked on either side. As a result, the crowd is singing ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘Waltzing Matilda’.

They also continue “you serve us” chants, while remained sitting and peaceful.

Try to escape and head back home..

Once again, NOT looking to incite violence with the police, protesters head through a side unit complex to escape and attempt to head back to their cars.

Contrary to media reports, protesters claim this gate was already unlocked, not broken for access.

Police continue to stalk the group..

The authorities re-emerge quickly after being foiled by the demonstrators, who are heading back up Richmond. They are moving quickly to ensure no traps are fallen into again.

They are continuously funnelled through Richmond, before ending up on ‘that’ very small (now infamous) residential street. Note that protesters are still peaceful up to this point.

Police block protesters yet again..

However, democracy in action was again short-lived, as protesters discovered the police force had once more blocked them in from both sides when reaching the end of the street.

At this point, residents are far away from their cars and the original meeting spot.

Police FINALLY get their provocation..

After an hour and a half of diverting protesters through the city, the people eventually break through. The police finally got what THEY wanted, and that was a violent clash.

Here is an alternative angle of the now worldwide scenes:

The media say police were ‘forced’ to deploy capsicum spray, before arresting dozens of protesters.

Yet, all the protesters wanted to do at this point was go home, and all of this could have been avoided if the police — with no evidence they are spreading the virus — allowed them to do so.

Yet, this one very scene is here is ALL the media will focus on. Ignoring the larger picture.

Similar to the fake ‘man punches horse‘ or ‘officer hit with ink‘ stories from last rally.

Yes, violence did momentarily ensue — but are the protesters the only ones to condemn for this?

Why are the media NOT showing acts on the other side of the picture?


Old lady knocked down and sprayed.

As most of the protesters head up the road, shocking video and photo shows a police officer aggressively knock over an elderly woman, before hitting her in the face with capsicum spray.

What was the justification for such excessive force?

The officers involved in this incident should be investigated for their actions immediately.

Bystander knocked down

An innocent bystander, caught in the middle of police pursuit, gets knocked to the ground.

Do you think they would come back for her? No.

It was the protesters who checked on her health and well-being.

Authoritarian arrests

The media would have you believe that this scared woman is a ‘crazy, right-wing conspiracy theorist’ and a ‘public health threat’ to you and your loved ones.

Does this look like the face of someone like that? Or an ordinary mother, sister or daughter?

The police force act like thugs and paint the ones they arrest as said thugs.

After the event, Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said police would be patrolling trains to ensure commuters had legitimate reasons to disembark. They also hunted individuals in smaller groups:

Australia in 2021, folks. Tax dollars hard at work for ‘public safety’.

Slow motion tyranny..

Our friend Marty Focker was also on-the-ground for the event, and has provided additional footage that highlights police behaviour during the day. In slow motion for everyone to see.

What has this country become?

The world is watching and the media propaganda stronghold is shattering.

Share this piece with all those who need to see it.

What do you think of the media provided on this timeline?

Does this match what the TV is saying? Or are they lying to us yet again?

Leave your thoughts in a comment below!

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Analysis: E. Nash.
Videos: O. Jenkins, D. Estcourt, M. Focker, A. Andre, A. McMillan.
Photos: F. Hamilton, Matrix, Gety.



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