BREAKING: Melbourne salon OPENS for business DEFYING lockdown, “inspired by Harry’s Clothing”


Owners of Adam & Weave Hair Salon and Barber in Hughesdale, Melbourne say they’re opening their doors from tomorrow in defiance of the lockdown restrictions.

Jomana Najem told me they have no option but to open their small business or face bankruptcy.

The couple says Harry’s Clothing in Berwick inspired them to open their doors again finally.



Rojer Alhallak previously owned a salon in Syria which he was forced to shut due to the civil war, and the pair say they refuse to lose this one as well.

The salon will open from 8.30 a.m. on Saturday, October 17.

Harry Hutchinson has already been fined almost $10,000 for opening his business, but says he’s “rapted” to hear another small business is following suit.

Victoria recorded two new coronavirus cases overnight in a state with a population of 6.4 million people.

Still, Premier Daniel Andrews is refusing to release the state from Stage-4 lockdown.


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