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Chaos is a certainty: The lack of preparedness among city people is truly horrifying


Most people who live in cities are stunningly unprepared for almost any kind of disruption, and the situation has grown far worse in recent years. Although I usually stay out of large cities, I just finished some travel that took me through several cities (and a few suburban areas, too), giving me a fresh new look at the situation. My conclusion? Red alert alarms are going off about the exploding problem of homelessness, lawlessness, gang activity, open drug use and what seems to be a bizarre lack of self-reliance now demonstrated in the cities I visited.

I’ve known for a long time that things were bad, but even I was shocked to see just how bad things have truly become. A drive through downtown Austin, for example, turned out to be a horrifying tour of sprawling tapestry of homeless people, drunks passed out on the sidewalk, clueless “libtard” street language among inhabitants and an overbearing police state presence. This strange melange of desperation and destitution is contrasted against the infamous SXSW conference, which seems to be heavily attended by globalist wannabes who pride themselves on adopting the twisted philosophies of techno-totalitarianism, where followers quite literally believe that surrendering your privacy and soul to the tech giants will result in you being “saved” from the secular world.

Austin, Texas transformed into a drug and prostitution s##thole

Confirming my own observations in a completely separate an unaffiliated journalism report, InfoWars’ Millie Weaver posted this incredible video that depicts exactly what I observed in Austin. The video is called, “SXSW Turns Austin Into Drug & Prostitution Filled S##thole.” Watch it here and see for yourself:

As InfoWars reports:

Saturday night activities during SXSW in Austin, Texas devolved into open drug use, prostitution, public urination and defecation.

…to protect the interests of SXSW, law enforcement turned a blind eye to open illegal acts in the streets thereby turning Austin into a sh*thole.

Yes, Austin, Texas is now starting to look a lot like California’s collapsing cities. That’s no coincidence: It’s Californians who are rapidly moving to Austin to escape the urban hellholes they’ve created on the West Coast. They bring with them, of course, the same stupidity and liberalism that has destroyed much of California…

There will be CHAOS: City people appear to be clueless, unprepared and mostly out of their minds

During part of my recent travels, I recorded a podcast to detail some of my sobering observations about the widespread lack of preparedness that seems obvious throughout these cities. In fact, it’s much worse than merely unpreparedness… what I’m really seeing is the rise of the zombie masses: out of their minds, cognitively retarded, obediently conformist and living in a state of complete delusion about the real world around them.

Listen to my warning in this podcast, which of course has been banned by YouTube along with my entire video channel, since YouTube is now openly destroying knowledge in a desperate bid to limit humanity from learning the truth: (click here for the full video if the thumbnail below is not visible)

One trigger event away from the complete collapse of civil society in America’s cities

There is no question in my mind that America’s cities are one trigger event away from utter collapse into unbounded chaos and lawlessness. I’ve never seen our society so close to breaking down, and I’ve never seen everyday citizens so clueless and stupid. (This might be one reason why I usually don’t go to cities like Austin…)

Perhaps I’m just used to interacting with rural people who tend to be intelligent, capable, self-reliant, civilized and decent human beings. But even then, I’ve visited cities all my life, and I’ve never seen it this bad before in terms of the obvious downward spiral of city dwellers across U.S. cities. Many of these people have absolutely zero chance of surviving any significant disruption that takes down the food deliveries, power grid, police protection or water supply. More than ever, it appears that America’s city dwellers — at least the ones I’ve encountered recently — are truly right on the edge of a mass die-off stemming from even the slightest disaster (which could include a viral outbreak, come to think of it).

It might also be worth noting that Democrats are quite literally one catastrophe away from losing most of their mindless voters. People who tend to vote for Democrats are usually the same people who are utterly clueless when it comes to survival and preparedness. This means a single viral outbreak that results in large loss of life could radically alter the electoral makeup of America because such outbreaks would tend to concentrate fatalities in urban areas. I have no doubt that if you polled 100 Hillary Clinton supporters living in a city like Austin, you would discover that 99 of them have near-zero stored food, no self-defense skills whatsoever, and probably don’t even carry a flashlight. They are the kind of people who perish first when things get dicey, winning the “Darwin Award” for being the least fit to survive. (Yes, natural selection will return with a vengeance at some point soon, and cause and effect will sort out the non-prepared from the survivors.)

These possibilities are far more likely than you might suspect, too. As the following podcast explains, total collapse of an advanced society can happen with shocking rapidity. Listen to this story of a Venezuelan oil company manager who watched his “advanced” nation collapse into mass starvation, police state tyranny and lawlessness, all sparked by socialist economic policies that were popular and widely supported by the voting electorate. You’ll be shocked to learn how quickly this can happen in almost any nation or city: (click here for the full video if the thumbnail is not visible below)

Something big is about to go down on the political front: We may see civil war activities accelerating soon

To top it off, things are brewing on the political front, where President Trump appears to have made a decision to go after the treasonous deep state operatives who tried to steal the election and destroy democracy in America. Andrew McCabe is likely to face criminal charges soon, and James Comey may not be far behind. Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation is about to be terminated — it was initiated under wildly fraudulent conditions to begin with — and as I warned in previous articles, the arrest of Hillary Clinton remains a very real possibility before 2020.

Any of the following events could trigger exploding political tensions across America that lead to civil war: Trump being impeached, Hillary Clinton being indicted, Robert Mueller being fired or President Trump being hit with an attempted assassination.

Making things even more treacherous, California has practically declared itself to be a lawless state, openly defying federal immigration law while welcoming an unlimited number of illegal aliens who are granted the right to vote for California’s Senators and members of Congress. This ultimately allows non-citizens to determine the makeup of the U.S. Congress — a situation that is frankly intolerable in any society that values law and citizenship. California must be stopped, or America will be overrun with illegal immigrants and left-leaning totalitarian bureaucrats.

I have openly called for the criminal arrest of California Governor Jerry Brown (and all the city mayors who defy federal immigration law), even knowing that such an arrest might also set off extreme anger and social unrest among delusional libtard Leftists who have been indoctrinated to hate their own country. Yet it must be done: No Governor shall be allowed to overrun the nation’s democracy with illegals who also get free entitlements and near-total immunity from prosecution, including for serious felony crimes such as rape and murder.

Do you see where all this is headed? As I’ve said before, California will be the battleground of the coming civil war, and all of us who are genuine Americans must make sure that California’s insane left-wing lunatics lose that war badly. Because if they are allowed to win, they will turn every city in America into a left-wing s##thole like San Francisco or Los Angeles, which now has 58,000 homeless people and counting. In fact, the recent plunge of Austin, Texas into s##thole status is largely due to the influence of Californians who are invading Texas and trying to turn it “blue” — which is the color a human patient turns as they run out of oxygen and die, by the way.

Be ready, friends, because tensions are flaring, left-wing insanity is off the charts, and most city dwellers have reached “peak cluelessness” in terms of preparedness and self-reliance. All this combines to form a “perfect storm” of bad conditions which can only lead to chaos and collapse.

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