Coronavirus in Australia: Army called in to help enforce strict new quarantine rules


The Australian Army will be deployed across all states and territories, stepping in to assist governments with new measures. Credit: David Mariuz/AAP

The federal government will mobilise the military to enforce Australia’s toughest COVID-19 regulations yet.

From midnight on Saturday, all those returning to Australia will be placed in supervised self-isolation, in a hotel or other government-approved facility.

The Australian Army will be deployed across all states and territories, stepping in to assist governments with new measures.

But the prime minister says the army will not have the power to prosecute or arrest.

“Members of the Australian Defence Force are not authorised as enforcement officers, regarding prosecution in states and territories,” Scott Morrison said.

“That is the responsibility of law enforcement territories sworn in those jurisdictions.

“I have no doubt the Defence Force will do that in the most sensible way they can.”

Boots on the ground

The ADF will assist in both monitoring Friday’s regulations for returned overseas travellers and ensuring compliance checks with those in self-isolation at their homes.

More than two thirds of Australian’s more than 3,000 COVID-19 cases are from those recently returned from overseas.

Meanwhile, NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian says the state, which has the nation’s highest number of cases, is ready to move ahead of the Commonwealth if required and declare a lockdown over the weekend.

In NSW, police will have the power to issue fines of $1000 to individuals and $5000 to businesses that breach public health orders.


5 thoughts on “Coronavirus in Australia: Army called in to help enforce strict new quarantine rules

  1. In Victoria yesterday at my local shopping centre, all public seating in the mall areas have been taken away, eateries have closed, small grocery shops have remained opened as have kiosk-type bakeries. Interesting to note that these smaller shops have not placed their customers on limits, unlike Coles or Woolworths. Other businesses have remained open too, small boutique shops what the Andrews govt would now call a non-essential service.. ie linen shops; other homeware shops . In those shops noone is wearing a mask or gloves, happy to touch you in a friendly gesture etc. In Big W they have put limits on toiletries, especially facial tissues, 1 box per customer. The sales assistence in Big W keep to the 2 armslength rule. But you still get your greedy buyers! An African woman piled her trolley high with kids I couldn’t believe it! At least over $1000.00 worth! I mean WTF?! I wanted to take a photo but I decided against it b/c I know how violent these Africans can get. This is just what is happening in my neck of the woods. It feels strange, eerie and so alone.

    1. Things are very weird out there and there are many potato heads scrambling, pushing and fighting for every last peanut. Things are the same in Sydney as lots shut but things still kicking along, just.

  2. Is this an exercise in people control?
    The Co-Vid virus was engineered in US Laboratories and sold to china.
    Australian laboratories were involved.
    If this is an exercise in people control then Australians have failed dismally.
    They have bowed their heads, accepted police and military control, dobbed in their neighbours and accepted that their Government or State will continue to pack their wallets in an act of Political love to ameliorate the fact that the State has stolen their livelihood in an act of terrorism. This exercise in population control will register in the data bases of the controlling oligarchs and offer confidence that humans, on a world wide scale, are easily controlled by their media.
    Are you controlled? Time to ask some questions

    1. Yes, it’s quite scary seeing how easy it is to manipulate most of the gullible zombie sheeple out there. Very sad…

      As such, this makes it way to easy for the wicked psychopaths to speed up, with their evil agendas. They have virtually minimized any opposition, or are keeping any to a bare minimum.

      They are doing a dangerously darn good job, at keeping us divided, fearful & distracted etc.

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