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“BREAKING THE LAW” COVID Jab Mandates & Infectious Disease Discrimination

The NSW GRUBERMENT under “TYRANT” Berejiklian has now declared war against unvaccinated Australians and is working to make it almost impossible to hold down a job or even grab a coffee or visit a pub without showing vaccination proof.

What this disgusting and evil pervert and her gang of criminals are doing is absolutely discriminatory and will segregate people from a society based on vaccination status.

The COVID-19 vaccine will become compulsory for teachers in NSW from November onwards, health authorities have confirmed today.

Read it here guys to see how these bastard politicians are openly breaking our laws.

Infectious diseases discrimination

No matter where you look, these dreadful tyrants and ass sniffing traitors are breaking our laws and this is just another example of that.

In her mad rush to implement the great reset agenda for her satanic overlords, Berejiklian is breaking our laws by discriminating against those who she deems to be sick.

Also, NSW Govt: “Infectious disease discrimination is illegal. It is when you have been treated unfairly because… you may acquire a disease…”

Gladys, It is against the law to treat people unfairly just because your corrupt Government thinks they might be infectious or be infectious in the future.

Gladys, It is unlawful to deny employment, education, or goods and services to people based on the assumption that they may or may not have an infectious disease which in this case is COVID.

COVID-19 and all the silly variants are fake so what the stupid, brainwashed public needs to understand very quickly is that this COVID madness has nothing to do with health…



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