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Major crime – spreading ‘leaky vaccines’ around the globe; and the attack on Dr Peter McCullough

For the attention of:
Baylor and Counsel representatives:
Alejandro Arroliga, Jim Hinton, Pete McCanna, Steven R. Newton, Nancy Vish, Sarah Gahm, Doug Smith, Amy Martin, Lynn Bohne, Melissa Dalton, Cynthia Krause, Jennifer Salim Richards, James M Stanton, Jose M. Portela, Sean Kelly

It’s appalling that Baylor Scott & White are suing courageous Dr Peter McCullough, in a grubby attempt to traduce his name.

Dr McCullough is one of the few brave doctors speaking out against the major crime which is currently being committed against the world’s population, i.e. the global promotion of ‘leaky vaccines’, covid-19 injections that don’t prevent infection or transmission; and the suppression of treatments for sick and vulnerable people.

It was known from the beginning that most people weren’t adversely affected by SARS-CoV-2, i.e. that most people aren’t at serious risk of covid-19.

But now defective covid-19 injections are being pressed upon literally billions of people around the world, most of whom are capable of making their own effective natural response to the virus, in effect stealing their natural immunity. This unnatural intervention of ‘leaky vaccines’ has the potential to damage people’s natural immune response, this is a massive crime against humanity in progress!

Did Pfizer, AstraZeneca and others do this on purpose, knowingly spread these defective ‘leaky’ covid-19 injections in the global community, to facilitate the spread of the virus, and create a massive multi-billion dollar repeat ‘vaccine’ market?

This is malfeasance on a ginormous scale. But of course the likes of Pfizer and AstraZeneca are no strangers to malfeasance, with billions of dollars of fines on their rap sheets… And it’s criminal entities such as these which are being relied upon to provide regulators with data on safety and effectiveness for the covid-19 ‘vaccines’ – what a disaster!
How could this be allowed to happen?
Who are all the parties behind this global crime?

One major figure is Bill Gates, who led ‘the race for coronavirus vaccines’ last year, and whose Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has dominated international vaccination policy for years, including steering the World Health Organisation, which is a front for the vaccine industry. Gates has ‘world leaders’ at his beck and call in his mission to inject the world again and again, e.g. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with the Johnson Government being a major player in the reckless and grossly irresponsible response to covid-19.

While defective and lucrative covid-19 injections are being pressed upon billions of people, regardless of their age and health status, treatments for the sick are suppressed, with many sick people being left to struggle without

treatment to protect the ’emergency authorisations’ of the fast-tracked, experimental covid-19 ‘vaccines’ – how appalling is this?!
Vitamin D for those who are deficient could be a helpful preventative, but how much effort is being put into promoting this simple and inexpensive vitamin? Little or none.

Genuine doctors such as Dr Peter McCullough valiantly fight on to try and treat and save their patients, while other doctors are only too eager to jab their patients indiscriminately, only concerned to protect themselves from liability for giving the highly questionable covid-19 ‘vaccines’, e.g. the Australian Medical Association, see Indemnity for GPs administering COVID-19 vaccines. AMA, 15 April 2021.

Who knows what has been set off now with this rushed global covid injection rollout, this mish mash of injections – Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sinopharm, Sputnik V – and even suggestions of mixing doses of different brands – what a mess!
When people find out they’ve been duped into a massive global experiment, without ‘informed consent’, coerced into taking covid-19 injections, against a virus which isn’t a serious threat to most people, who is going to pay the compensation?

This is shaping up to be the biggest scandal in history…when the sh*t hits the fan, better be careful which side you’re standing on to avoid the fallout.

Elizabeth Hart
Independent person investigating the gross over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

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