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Creature Of Death: Dr. Paul Offit


Media darling and Vaccine patent owner, Dr. Paul Offit, 
wrote a review of the new documentary VAXXED……
and we felt it needed a bit more information.
Black is a quote from his review from here:
Red + links are our response.
 In 1998, Wakefield, a British physician and researcher, published a paper claiming that the combination measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine caused autism.
False. In 1998, Andrew Wakefield and 12 other prominent doctors published a paper that concluded that “We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described. Virological studies are underway that may help to resolve this issue. ”
First, and most important, more than a dozen studies performed in several countries involving hundreds of thousands of children and costing tens of millions of dollars showed that the MMR vaccine didn’t cause autism.
Cite your source sir. Would you be referring to the recently debunked CDC fraud? We’re supposed to believe any other study done by a body of people who have already been caught with their pants down wouldn’t also alter those results? And order the data destroyed? By a director who now works for Merck’s Vaccine division thanks to these studies showing “safety”? Are you referring to the work put forth by Poul Thorsen, from Denmark, currently on the run from an arrest warrant for embezzling taxpayer money from these very studies?
Worse, he was found to have falsified biological and clinical data.
Really? Then why do all the parents from the study support the team of doctors that did it?
And why was one of authors on the same paper completely absolved of any wrong doing and reinstated for all the same things accused of Wakefield?
Wakefield moved to Florida, then Texas, where his career went into free fall. Ignored by the media and marginalized by the scientific community, he became a pariah, supported only by a small group of parents who saw him as a countercultural hero.
Small Group, eh? You only wish. A growing number of parents and citizens in general are catching onto the propaganda and researching for themselves. THIS is why you must paint Wakefield and anyone who dares question you as a “Pariah”. 
In Vaxxed, we learn that a 1994 study performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) apparently buried the fact that MMR had caused autism in a small subset of African-American boys-
Wait. Hold up.
1- It is a 2004 study, not 1994.
2- Did Paul Offit just admit the CDC buried data?!!?!??! Oh myyyyy.
a fact that, according to Wakefield, should now exonerate him.
Actually, no. The CDC’s study doesn’t exonerate Wakefield as they did not study what Wakefield studied. The evidence in his own study and dozens of other studies that have observed the exact same things they did- does the exonerating. But that’s not what this movie is about.
Well, not exactly stepped forward. We never actually see this man in the movie.
Correct as he cannot appear on camera pending subpeona before congress. He does have whistleblower status and HAS been interviewed by Congressman Bill Posey who then presented it and the documents tocongress:
We just hear his voice, leaving open the question of whether the tapes were fairly edited or whether he was recorded without his knowledge.
William Thompson released through his lawyer that the tapes are in fact him. He still fully supports vaccines but in this incident he is regretful. Whether he “knew” he was being recorded is not required by law nor changes what he said:
If MMR really does cause autism, why hadn’t it been found in 15 other studies, many of which included African-Americans and almost all of which didn’t involve the CDC?
Like… these 124 peer reviewed papers showing links between some vaccine components and autism?
When compared with their Caucasian counterparts, African-American boys in Atlanta in 1994 were under-vaccinated. In order to qualify for autism-support programs, this subset of under-vaccinated children with autism had to get vaccinated. In other words, it wasn’t that MMR had caused autism; it was that the diagnosis of autism had caused them to get MMR. Not surprisingly, this is never explained in the film.
Interesting….. Few things about that.
1- It is not required by law anywhere in the United States of America to take any vaccine and therefore, government assistance programs cannot require them for services. Unfortunately this has begun to legally change for school in 3 states- Georgia is not one of them. Anyone requiring black boys to get any vaccine to get services would have been breaking the law.
2- It was the African American boys who received the vaccine at the CDC recomended time (12-18 months old) that had the increased risk of Autism. The “undervaccinated” ones who received it later (when those who might be unlawfully pressured into getting it for services) were the ones who did NOT get autism.  
Whistleblowers are supposed to blow the whistle on malfeasance that has resulted in harm. In this case, there was no malfeasance and there was no harm.
Objection, Hearsay. I think going from an autism rate of 1 in 166 to 1 in 45 (and higher in minority populations) is great harm when their own study showed it could be a risk.
Which is probably why the whistleblower never really blows the whistle. Others in the movie try to blow it for him but without much sound
Oh he blew the whistle. He contacted Dr. Brian Hooker and you have access to those recordings and documents. And the media sat on their hands for a YEAR. He spoke with Congressman Posey who presented it all to Congress, and they refuse to call him to testify. Even entertaining to option of letting the fox investigate the hen house (the cdc has asked to investigate itself). And still the media continues to be silent. So those HE CONTACTED move forward with the information he gave them to share it with the public- through this documentary. Perhaps, the whistle will be loud enough if we all blow it at once.
Children who received the single measles vaccine instead of MMR don’t develop autism. 

Both he and the CDC were studying the MMR. His concerns were the combo vaccine. Given the data and experiences of a multitude of families, more study would need done to say whether the single measles one would carry autism risk as well. Seeing as many autistic children are found to have chronic high measles titers with the virus found in their brains and guts, we actually would challenge it’s not all that safe either.

Amazing, given that unvaccinated children can develop autism.
Really? At what rate? Seeing there is not one single study done on this that would be a most interesting bit of data. That our government refuses to collect. Check out the autism rates in non-vaccinating Amish communities to get a glimpse though.

Additionally. Environmental exposures cause autism symptoms- whether they come in a needle or in their water or food or amalgam fillings or toxic waste from the manufacturer down the street- it’s all toxic. Study the effects of those ingredients without bias and see what you find. It’s most enlighteneing.
Does this mean that the single measles vaccine prevents autism?
Funny you say that. The US government used to make such a sales pitch because……why? Congenital Rubella is one of only causes for autism they recognize so they would say getting the MMR would prevent autism! Yay! Except…..
Injecting the MMR in pregnant women, children prior to the blood brain barrier forming and/or in conjunction with blood brain barrier opening components like sorbitol and pertussis toxins could potentially have the same neurological effect as congenital rubella. Certainly plausible and worthy of researching, don’t you think?
Studies and resources on the subject:
Congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) is associated with several negative outcomes, including autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).
Examination of the data suggested that the rubella virus was the primary etiologic agent. It is hypothesized that the course of autism was that of a chronic infection in which recovery, chronicity, improvement, worsening, and delayed appearance of the autistic syndrome all were found.
Journal of Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia:
Congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) is associated with several negative outcomes, including autism spectrum disorders(ASDs).
Vaccines are not tested prospectively in placebo-controlled trials or with other vaccines that are given at the same time. In fact, all vaccines submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for licensure are subjected to this kind of testing.
Read the studies for yourselves, people. They are not.
Rates of autism are rising exponentially; it is now estimated that by 2032 about 80 percent of boys will be on the autism spectrum, essentially creating a new normal. On the contrary, the latest evidence shows that rates of autism in the U.S. have plateaued.
Because why? Because they removed aspergers spectrum children from the autism statistic for the first time this year. Brand new. See the pattern of REMOVING children from statistics when it doesn’t look good for them? It is also the first year that records the children (born in 2004) from the very beginning of reducing the thimerosal exposure- also connected to some cases of autism. Don’t worry- future years will begin recording the pregnancy flu shots and yearly flu vaccines newly introduced and the numbers will explode and need fixed again. What would we do without the CDC?  
For people who like to think for themselves, read the studies and not get caught up in emotional doctor blogs written by men with a patent on a vaccine, keep it up! Contact us if there is anything we can help you with.

















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