October 2, 2023

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“PODCAST” Draining The Swamp, 5G And Fear With Arno Pienaar

Howdy, Members: On tonights podcast 20/03/20 i continue with researcher, Arno Pienaar as we go deeper to break down the system that’s being built around us.

Arno talks about draining the swamp, money, corona virus, fear and the implementation of 5G technology right now. 

Arno Pienaar, age 28, has been a pioneer in the conscious awakening movement for almost ten years. His writings since the early age of nineteen has shifted perspectives for thousands of readers.

Born in South Africa, his search for gems of nature has taken him tens of thousands of kilometres throughout all of Southern Africa.

Arno is working hard in Malawi, Africa, to establish sports projects for the people of Malawi, such as a new rugby club, and a new swimming school for swimming learners. Arno is also working in food security programs to help establish demo gardens serving as educational centres as well as seedbank production centres.

Seed abundance from diversified crops, is for communal experimental use as well as communal food security. This in effect prevents dependence on external needs for seeds for production. If you can support Arno in any way in these endeavors please send seeds to Malawi for the Malawi Seed Bank Project, or you can donate directly to Arno’s paypal here : [email protected]

Arno Really Needs Some Support To Continue His Work And You Can Support Him Here, 

3 thoughts on ““PODCAST” Draining The Swamp, 5G And Fear With Arno Pienaar

  1. Lol is that the best you can do Adam? A clairvoyant? And this is supposed to be news. Can’t you fid someone better then this idiot?

  2. @Adam How about doing a separate blog altogether of “out there” stuff & leave this blog for actual news articles & podcasts related to the news? I dont mind paying $5.00 per month. What I object to is listening to “know it all” clairvoyant. There is an Australian christian lawyer who does really good podcasts on youtube on Australian issues; he was Israel’s lawyer ; or how about Bettina Arndt;; or Mark Lathem or Sen Walsh; or someone from the adelaideinstitute.com blog spot talking about the holohoax. Or get in touch with Kyle Hunt & speak about various issues each week; These are just suggestions, of course. I know it may be rather difficult getting Lathem or Walsh on….

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