October 2, 2023

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3 thoughts on “Elon Musk & The “Anti-Christ” (2019)

  1. Neurolink is an American neurotechnology company founded be Elon Musk::

    Are we sure that it is not some kind of money laundering facility ??
    Suspect money being channeled into & out of …. is my guess …. maybe even all the billions that go missing from the Pentagon on a regular basis ??

    I was thrown out of my 4 day sick bed at St Vinnies this avo & into the street..
    Go figure.
    They said come back any time you don’t fell well as they wished me away.

  2. The above listed government goals sound like the embracing of COMMUNISM to me.
    What ever happened to the “BETTER DEAD THAN RED” philosophy ??

  3. Google – Marble statue lady in a veil – images.
    Marble is hard & fragile – one tap of the sculptors hammer could shatter or break it.
    How were these SAUTES SCULPTED ??
    Equally – Fisherman in a net –
    This is IMPOSSIBLE
    So how were these works created ??
    Magic or Ancient & now lost & forgotten technology ??
    Elon Musk cannot replicate this …

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