German children’s channel teaches migrants how to open a bra

For the second time in a few weeks the German children’s channel KIKA has shocked the public.

After encouraging a child marriage between an adult migrant and a naïve German teen girl, this time on their programme was a segment about opening a bra. A strange subject for a children’s channel that makes content for kids between 3 and 13 years old.

But it becomes even more peculiar when the three boys opening the bra on TV are migrants. This could have something to do with KIKA’s “education mission”, but after several migrants sex attacks and a horrible rape-murder, probably the best thing to do was to skip an item like that.

A leftist Terre des Femmes director even called it “racism” because in the video mainly guys with a migration background showed up. That might suggest “migrants-boys need special tutoring lessons in bra-opening”.

Would that be the real problem? Because everybody knows after Cologne that migrants have no trouble opening bras. How about not broadcasting these sorts of sensitive subjects on a children’s channel with a target group of kids between 3 and 13 years old?

While Germany loves to censor its “cultural enrichment stories” it exposes young children to these wrong sorts of things, a clear “contradictio in terminis”.


4 thoughts on “German children’s channel teaches migrants how to open a bra

  1. SBS 2016: Number of Australian child bride cases doubles in a year.
    A growing number of Sydney girls, some as young as nine, are being taken overseas & forced to become child brides.

    Over There —–
    The EU is the planets cess pool of pedofiles – the connoisseurs of young flesh.

  2. The drug & prostitution industry bosses are salivating at the prospect of the future recruitment potentials of the young, sexualised & disaffected youth throughout the EU.
    It won’t be just the native European children, but also the migrant children who will become the human flesh sold to the ravenous pedofile sex industries.
    This is nothing to do with “the Islamisation of Europe” but a ploy to bolster the numbers of kids for sale.

  3. Julia Gillard says female leaders share frustrations about the shallow way they are being treated, during bathroom meetings.
    Julia Gillard also argued German Chancellor Angela Merkel had actively tried to take attention away from her appearance by adopting something of a “uniform”.

    I suppose that is Julia Gillard’s way of describing Mutti Merkel’s dowdy home clothes.

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