March 4, 2024

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7 thoughts on “JOKER & The Rise Of The Nihilists

  1. Is this video to promote this JOKER movie ??
    That is how it presents to me.

    The GOD message is laid on thick – you don’t believe in GOD you are DOOMED.
    That’s great, just great, only that ORGANISED RELIGION has let us – we the people of planet Earth – down so badly.
    So to save ourselves we need to FORGIVE GOD & His ambassadors their crimes against man & humanity & kickstart worship in GOD & criminal gangs – as our Lords & masters in all things, again
    Also – the sport of adults bashing the next generation is a big speak in this video – the Millenials are destroying civilisation.
    The crying & grudging lament of the older generation as they pass into obscurity – we did it right the kids will trash every good we have done.

    Graet Stuff, no really great stuff.

  2. I found an article – Tinnitus by Alp Atik – finally something – long & winding – embracing any & every conceivable concept – when this man goes shopping he buys \”Just In Case\”
    Is it possible that Tinnitus show either with or just after Oedema ??
    Oedema is a sure sign of heart malfunction – due to saturation – a build up of muck in the system due to a faulty evacuation system – disease is an incorrect & overused word.

    Collective Mesmerism:
    Collective – done by people acting as a group.
    Mesmerism – the act of putting someone into a mental state like sleep, in which a person\’s thoughts can be easily influenced by someone else.

    What If –
    Is it possible for energy – here we need to ask what kind of energy – not what we believe to be derived from a dead corpse = a ghost or spirit or the paranormal world – maybe energy created by fear, terror, sadness, misery, anger, rage, anguish & the like – & this energy was encased & constantly fed in abundance – could/would this energy develop an identity of it\’s own – an existence of it\’s own – a conscience existence -could it then manifest as a hologram or perhaps a more tangible presence.
    And now for the mesmerism – could it then permeate & dictate behavior of human subjects.
    What the hell am I talking about ??
    The old Harold Mac Cancer Hospital as example – is it possible that all the emotional trauma that has occurred at that address while it was thus – has become a conscious, intelligent force with a life of it\’s own ??
    I have noticed that the RMH has some kind of dictatorial force that commands the demina of the staffers there of.
    St Vinnies also.
    And most certainly the E&E both Gisborn St & on the Park.
    Think about it man – rather than demons from hell.

    Physics holds that the universe never forgets – therefore everything has memory – therefore everything has conscious intelligence – therefore nothing can become extinct it is held in CODE form until such time as the universe requires a rebalance-whereupon — a/the CODE is chosen – materials are sourced from throughout the universe faster than the speed of light – to replenish & cause a rebalance.

    A small cluster of rodent believed to be extinct for 30 odd years was found in a field, \”It\’s a MIRACLE.\” – not really this modest cluster of rodent was all that was necessary to restore balance to the universe.

    *Please know that the 10/10/2019 is going to be a no show on my part – thanks for the invitation but – I have committed to another & more reliable source – Dr. Frankenstein, come on down !! – call as much as you like – I am big on loyalty hey – sorry but you never were calling the shots it was an illusion only.
    Next time Dr. Frankenstein has me on the slab, down in the lab, don\’t be a stranger, we\’d all be delighted to see you.

      1. Upon my departure from Heaven/Home – where all new babies come from – they handed me a drinking glass, “Here Mirka, this will come in handy,” – “What’s this for.” I asked “For listening at walls.” they replied.

        1. How does the universe behave ??
          Good Words:
          * precipitate
          * second guess
          * anticipate
          * probability
          And there for there is a knowledge of future which – can be foretold – known – at a blink of an eye can alter its course.
          It is all there & it’s all verifiable science – so how come the Scientific Fraternity deny ??
          Because they – so far – have FABRICATED scientific knowledge – it is mostly all a load of BULLSHIT.
          The Big Bang Theory – oh please !!
          However – The Hawking Paradox – Hawking got that one right after a fashion = that at the end of a Black Hole/ a centrifuge – the universe forgets & I say yes – but only momentarily.
          Because ??
          The universe has to be all things to all occasions – such is the mathematical equation/occasion – so that real extinction does not happen.
          Survival is everything.
          Let’s face it – if you were GOD & after all this creative effort – would you not assure that it is permanent & self preserving.

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